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  1. Absolutely stunning! The flight deck and other interior details are works of art in themselves. This is modelling at its very best. Congratulations on the new "baby" - nine months, eh?
  2. With all the gorgeous detail work you have done on the interior perhaps you should cut away one fuselage side to show it off.
  3. Scratchbuild a Consolidated P-30 in 1/30 scale in 30 days??? Sell all your WNW models to me for $30 each???
  4. Based on your description that was not a very good deal. As an occasional eBay buyer of such kits, I don't go above $20.00 even with a glowing description of the kit. The 40-50 year old decals are rarely viable and time and humidity wreak havoc with the paper and wooden components, to say nothing of termites, ants, beetles and mice! My recommendation would be to build the model yourself and get the pleasure of completing a challenging project.
  5. Seems to me that the existing Traders Board would work just fine for decal trades/sales/give-aways.
  6. I could get into a Nightfighter GB - WNW F.E.2b ready to start building.
  7. << Tongue jammed firmly in cheek >> I think the proposed category is too general. How about P-61B-10-NO aircraft in the South Pacific painted overall black without nose art that completed 25 or more missions without getting a kill? Now that's a group build everyone can get into! << Tongue restored to normal position >>
  8. Sorry - I saw the "Petie" and totally missed the pilot's name. I'm old; it happens...
  9. Didn't Eagle Editions do a special on Preddy with decals for all his Mustangs? I had a set at one time but can't find it right now.
  10. I would give a vac/resin Wyvern a try if you did it. The other aircraft mentioned hold little or no interest for me.
  11. Your work with the engine has it looking as good (or better) than the after-market ones available. I am looking forward to seeing your work on the rest of the model.
  12. Apparently the kit fuselage is correct for one of the prototypes but not for the production version Triplane. Contact Pheon Decals at pheon@pheondecals.com to see if the correction set is still available. Edit - or just go here: http://www.fawcettmodelsandpatterns.co.uk/1-32-scale-resin-detail-correction-parts
  13. Just curious...are you going to use the kit's short fuselage or are you going with the Pheon/Brian Fawcett corrected fuselage?
  14. Truly stunning...the pilot(?) figure really enhances the photos and gives a great sense of scale. The build is crisp and clean and your attention to detail (wheel hubs, subtle color/texture differences between fabric and metal) show your skill to great advantage. Silver Wings should use these photos as their advertisement for this model. Well done!
  15. Do not lose hope for a response from WNW. Dave is usually swamped with e-mails and it may take a couple weeks for him to answer. He actually found one of my e-mails in the "spam" folder but I did get my answer (and my sprues.) I'm sure the recent airshow hoopla and the release of the Fokker D.VIIF also set their response back a bit.
  16. The Fisher Skyray has no box art per se, just a small picture (about 1.5 x 3) on the end cap. The photo appears to be similar to the one on the Fisher website. If you want a picture of the end cap let me know...
  17. No worries, Paul. I'll just continue buying whatever you make, especially if it is pre-WW2. Scratch buiilding a Wyvern actually sounds like a challenging project...right after I complete the Skyray, Cutlasss, Panther, Cougar and two PT-22s, LOL.
  18. Absolutely no sarcasm there. That beastie has been one of my favorite aircraft since my teens (in the late 1950s.) I can't really say what it is about it that "grabs" me but I'd love to see a 1/32 version in the Suez Crisis yellow/black stripes. I'll continue to dream on...
  19. I have used his corrected Sopwith Triplane fuselage and the SE5 fin/rudder. His castings have beautiful, delicate detail and are worth every penny.
  20. ...and the crowd starts to chant, "What do we want? Wyvern! When do we want it? Now!"
  21. Great photos and models - thanks for posting.
  22. Maybe this topic could be closed? Apparently Fisher is not going to do a Tempest and other companies are, so perhaps a new topic in the appropriate forum is called for? Just my 2 cents...I guess it's really up to Paul.
  23. They also added a new decal sheet (Fighting Fokkers 5) for the D.VIIF.
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