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  1. yep, my canopy have the cracks to, been reading about these cracks and yesterday I opened my package and had a good look. So I have to contact Airfix to. mvh LarsaQ
  2. this looking really good my friend and I´ve gona follow this build with interest. This big box just landed on my bench last week so I´ll going to need all the help I can to get this one glued together. Must say after going thrue the spruces in the kit that I´m all happy. Does this kit really need some after market stuff?Your build will be my guidelines Peter. LarsaQ
  3. Thanks guys. Just started up the Hannover build and having some ideas on another vignette for this one too. So I´ll be back in the progress corner with pics when the build starts to like something to show you. Regards LarsaQ
  4. Thanks guys, I´ll be back with more builds when it´s time, for the moment I´m halves way thru the Re8, witch will have a similar base with some figures, so just another vignette will come again. LarsaQ
  5. Hi Kev There is more pics here. http://s274.photobucket.com/user/lars64/library/Albatros%20D1/Albatros%20Dv?sort=3&page=1 Just get that you need LarsaQ
  6. Hi Been working on this Albatross since October last year and now the Vignette is done with figures and all so here it is. Wingnuts Albatross Dva with the Bavarian decals on. I used HGW´s seatbelts and etch set. The Mechanic with the parachute is from Kellkind minatures and tha other two are from Model Cellar range. The bird and the Jasta dog are from Mantis miniatures. Hope you like it. Regards LarsaQ
  7. And here they are beside the almost finished Albie. So hopefully next update will be in the inspection Regards LarsaQ
  8. Hi Guys Now the vignette is its homerun finally, yep this have taken some time but it´s summer and lots off doing outside in the sun. The figures are painted up and there´s just some wires and decals to add to the Albie and all is done. Here´s the figures. The figures are painted in Humbrols and just a little oils,hope you like them. LarsaQ
  9. Hi Folks The last two figures from Model Cellar just dropped into my mailbox and now I can get this one done. The Kellerkind Mecanic is done and I have some small things to get fixed on the Albie before is finished too. I just got the first coats of paint on the two figures so do not think they will be like this Regrds LarsaQ
  10. I want this so bad, I want this so bad. yes, yes. Hopefully a Camel yes but this is something real good. LarsaQ
  11. Hi SinuheH Thanks for your words. After building these Mercedes engines for some years now I´m feed up with them so this build staled when it was time for the engine to be build but now's it done and the box is on the table again, more because I got an idea for a Vignette including this Albie with some figures. The idea was able to be realised when Kellerkind did the Mechanic with the early parachute. The wood works is fairly common among us modeller´s now. One way is to follow the tutorial on Wingnut homepage or decal it. I used Humbrol sand 63 as base colour and Burnt umber plus Yellow Ochre to fix the graining with. Let the Humbrol dry out totally before putting on oils, then when using oils use White Spirits for the oils so you not disturb the Humbrol. When all is done cover it up with a sealer type Humbrol clear. LarsaQ
  12. Hi Here´s an update on the Albie, got the top wing on and will start up the final stage with rig and the last parts on the albie. There after just a post shade over all to cover up any glue marks Waiting for the two more figures from Model Cellar to complete this Vignette so you have to wait until it will appear in the inspection thread. Regards LarsaQ
  13. Thanks guys Had some work done on the Albie here and some more paint on the mechanic so I´l´l gona send up new pics this weekend LarsaQ
  14. Hi folks Been slow with the computer for a while now and it´s time to check in again. I´m trying to complete the Wnw (old) Albatros Dva in the Walter Böning´s scheme for some years now but guessing that all Albies from Roden have given me some tiredness off this bird so it had its time on the shelf halfway build. Then Kellerking realized the mechanic with the Hienecke parachute and an idea for a vignette turned up in my head.So here´s the progress so far and for the moment my brushes are on the Mechanic, when he´s done my attention to complete the Dva and there will be two more figures from Model cellar to go on this vignette. Cheers LarsaQ
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