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  1. Apart from the Airscale instrument panels set, a set of Master brass .303 gun barrels, HGW belts and (probably) a Reskit set of Dunlop marked resin tyres I'm not sure there's a lot else to be added. Maybe some lamp lenses, but I make my own anyway.
  2. One thing I've noticed on a few Chipmunk builds in the more modern scheme: the prop blade stripes should not be symmetrical, If the stripe at the root of one blade is white, its opposite companion should be black. The same applies to Tucanos in their pre-privatisation scheme.
  3. Actually yes. I'm replacing the Revell F-14's borked nose with a Tamiya one, and my botched attempt at grinding out their F-15Bs exhaust grille aft of the canopy with a Tamiya F-15C nose. Both are 99% perfect fits.
  4. Not when the Revell kit can be so easily adapted. Admittedly some won't be capable of adapting it, but what can you do?
  5. Someone mentioned words to that effect when I was inquiring about adding a 109 E-4 canopy and losing the nose cowl intakes to get an F.
  6. It's the Revell kit with a flat inner wing section, minus the G-6 or G-10 upper wing wheel fairings.
  7. As Revell established back in the '60s, the 'natural' companion to the Mosquito is the Beaufighter.
  8. I got two - one to finish as an F-110 on the fundekal sheet, but can't decide between a VF-74 or VF-102 as the early Navy example. Mind you I'm still recovering from the £48 for a couple of pairs of Hypersonic seats from Japan for them.
  9. If you think this is about 'grammar', you should re-read carefully, because that's not the word you want. Ability to communicate with clarity is way more fundamental than that.
  10. Irony. Don't fret if it went over your head.
  11. No, they're not. Mate, you're spending way too much time wallowing in social/ignoramus media. Nobody with any education says 'nucular' That's the preserve of those who've never used the word 'nucleus' in their lives, ever. Ignorance is ignorance no matter how bigly it is trumpeted. Unless you want to find yourself slipping into Idiocracy, you should resist at every opportunity.
  12. They may appear to be synonymous due to misuse and misunderstanding of the idiom. Fortunately for the age of reason, as opposed to the age of stupid, only one of them makes any sense.
  13. I wish Americans would learn to understand the phrases they parrot. "I could care less" is meaningless drivel. Could you really? How much less? How about a bit less than that again? The correct term is "I couldn't care less", meaning you don't care at all. It would be impossible for you to care one jot. Which is I presume what you mean to say. And yes, a Tamiya new tool 1/32 F-86 would be great, but what problems do you have with either of the existing Revell or Tamiya P-51s?.
  14. On the newsletter page, click the monthly newsletter link. https://www.specialhobby.info/2022/01/news-from-special-hobby-012021.html
  15. The Lightning That Couldn't Stop Eating
  16. Oh great. I've been waiting for an opportunity to try a subject suitable for smoke ring scheme. Lucky escape for the CR42.
  17. I've never seen the Aurora kit before. Interesting that they chose a Jumo engine example. And those funky way outboard bomb racks
  18. The Revell kit is actually pretty good shapewise. The fuselage is overly cylindrical, but at least up until 6 month ago when I was looking, it was possible to buy Tamiya sprues including the main rear fuselage parts aft of the mid wing. The main problem with the Revell is it's overly simplified and the rear of the engine nacelles are way out of whack. There are other minor things - ISTR the fin may need attention, and the undercarriage needs help.
  19. I should say the only reason I'm using the Grey Matter set in my case is because the Tamiya and Revell engines are Merlin 20 series types, and I want the later type. I don't have one, so I have no opinion on the HKM kit or its components.
  20. I don't know Tony, but I do know I've got a Revell BIV and a spare Tamiya. So making do is the way forward for me. The Revell parts needed look pretty good, and the Falcon vac transparencies look a lot better than either the Revell or HKM kit parts. I've seen sufficient builds online to whip up the interior detail, and a good amount of epoxy should keep it all structurally sound. The bit I'm not looking forward to is making the Grey Matter 2-stage engines look adequate.
  21. Thanks MRP for your photos and description. Your model looks the part. I hate that HKM didn't portray the correct 'double bubble' look for the nose cone glazing. I'm planning on using the Tamiya kit and replacing front end forward of the instrument panel cockpit bulkhead using the Revell nose and Falcon vac transparencies. I've found enough information on the HKM build to modify the interior to match and don't believe there are any or many even minor differences to the rear fuselage, fin, tailplane or wings. As the bomb bay will be closed, its internal details will only be included where they add structural support. TBH I'm more concerned with trying to make the two stage supercharged Grey Matter engines look like reasonable facsimiles which will involve excavating a void to add improved chin inlets, outlet louvres and radiator matrices. If that's not achievable via my abilities, there is always the Tamiya cowled engine option.
  22. Would you care to break it down a little more J?
  23. It wouldn't take much. The area forward of the wing basically.
  24. Can anyone recall seeing if anyone has tried combining the Tamiya FBIV with the Revell BIV? All the searches I do seem to only return articles on the HKM model. The Falcon canopy/nose blister vac set* should also look far more like a Mosquito than the HKM interpretation. *While it is produced by Falcon, it's sold under the Tasman brand as set no. TA257
  25. Cheers, while their other colours look OK, the MRP tan looks wrong (or at least not what I expect) to my eye. The Humbrol looks right.
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