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  1. I use a corse file and 220 wet and dry sand paper
  2. well I can tell that dragon went to alot of work to make a better carrott and it looks like it works I like the detail on the exhaust and the inst pannel the weighted Rubber tires and some of the other detail looks great time to get one wonder if I can mod the verlinden cockpit set I have in my stash
  3. I understand larry will help ya anyway I can and many thanks
  4. thanks my friend just in time got my new camera today my pentax k110d 6.1 digital slr the wife wont let me use it till xmas morning though but I know I got it
  5. stuff I use to make wiring old ext. cords that have cracked cover strip em and there ya are enough wiring to do more kits than you have time for solder the real fine stuff size .031 old Phone line the kind in the house they all make great plumbing for aircraft and a lighted mag glass and practice practice
  6. Well I also found out that the pentax d110 is backward compatable with any lense that pentax made for the old trusty 35mm so I ordered it and shuld have it this comming week cant wait also ordered a 512mb sd card for it as well like I said any pentax K mount lense will work on the k100 k110 and k10 so for the money its the best deal I found and as far as the sony power **** there is a big recall on them
  7. well to me that kind of camera is what I call a PHD you need something that you can focus and see what your shooting most cameras like that you have to be min of 3 ft away befor the pic looks right now with this one you can do what a 35mm type camera can do http://www.pentaximaging.com/products/prod...on--digital_slr check it out I think for the money its a much better camera
  8. I was using the 18mm as an exapmle I us from 35- 80 mm when doing a subject of that type and always use a UV filter and the stands that I saw in the start of the thread are very im pressive but I have found that PVC Pipe and the elbows and Ts also make a very useful stand as well and if you dont glue it together you can make well just get creative and you could do a light box white shower curtins are cheap at the dollar store
  9. 1st choice would be the F4-C 2nd choice is Spooky (AKA Puff)
  10. chris that bolt is BIg the wing alone is as big as a 32nd wow cant wait to see if they do a razorback
  11. Tbolts Tbolts RazorBacks RazorBacks UMMMMMMMMMMMM cant wait Me want P-47 RazorBacks
  12. Like i said Just getting into the digi cam stuff I do know that the lens crosses over to 18mm to 55 so I know that in print film at 18 mm I can get right on top of the subject and get a far shot but setting it at 35mm Ill do just as good as macro I checked out the camera and it also have frezze motion and macro Ill get it and play with it and see what I can do with it and you can use any pentax lens ever produced on it for print or digital now thats coolhttp://www.pentaximaging.com/products/product_details/digital_camera--K100D/reqID--7717476/subsection--digital_slr here is the link check it
  13. I myself used the cockpit set from meteor I think all in all its the best so far the cutting edge set for the p-40 that Im doing in AVG hope to have it done this week
  14. Ok this digital stuff is kinda confusing Im an old 35 shooter Like my nikon but a digital nikon is way out of my price range so I ran across a Pentax 400 ds or somthing like that its a 6.0 mp and under 5 bills the nice thing is you can set it up like a 35mm and use the focus and app settings what do ya think
  15. WoW Chris that is a BIG JUG Looks Great is the detail raised or ingraved the fit looks like a shake and paint if you know what I mean keep it up looks fantastic
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