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  1. Vali

    TANMODELâ„¢ 1/32 Su-33 #3333

    OK, boys, take a break and relax. Everybody is excited, and so am I. But... I like the subject. Su 33 is a wonderful subject, as their computer 3D images. Engineering is smart. But...take look at their 1/48 RF 84 F. The quality of plastic, rivets and panel lines is like a Kinetic or Italeri. Big tranches and ugly holes,soft plastic and not clear and sharp enough pieces, in my opinion. Maybe their plastic injecting machines are not so precise and powerful as the famous producer's ones. I am writing this because it won"t be a cheap model, and the final product matters , as we don't admire in an exhibition a 3D image, an artwork but a precise model that looks like a real plane not like a toy. Finally, I wish to Tanmodel guys to have the power to create more quality models then Trumpeter or Tamiya. Vali
  2. One month until Shizuoka Hobby Show--55 aniversary! Nothing news ???
  3. Vali

    Romanian comunist Mig-23 MF

    Thank you, friends! I am happy you like my model. OK, Kevin, you can use the photos. My name is Valentin Hategan. Vali
  4. Hello, I would like to introduce you a MIG 23, as it use to be in the 80 th. The Comunist star was used until 1985. The model is Trumpeter 1/32, with RaduB's decals. Original... My model... More photos: http://www.cartula.r...031#entry160031 I hope you like it! Best wishes from Romania, Vali
  5. Hello, I would like to build a P-47 having the number from the image below. I need your help , if you have any black 6 mm numbers (1/32),representing 226656,tipical for US Thunderbolt's- even frew numbers are still useful- anything so I can compose the entire number. Thank you in advance, Vali Romania
  6. Another Romanian subject completed. Very well. Felicitari! Vali
  7. Vali

    New: Decals for Romanian Bf.109 E

    Hello, I am glad to let you know that Radu has released the second part of the Romanian Emil decals. These represents beautiful and famous BF-s in WW 2 Romanian Airforce. Good job, Radu!
  8. Vali

    Romanian Bf-109 E-7

    Thank you very much, gentlemen for your kind words! I appreciate that you like my Romanian colors! Vali
  9. Vali

    Romanian Bf-109 E-7

    more photos... And finally, here is a photo with his brother G-2. Enjoy, Valy
  10. Hello, Today I want to introduce you an Bf-109 E-7 (Dragon) 1/32 built OOB with some magnificent decals from Radu Branzan, for the Romanian version of 1942. I hope you 'll like it!
  11. Thank you very much,guys!
  12. And now, in the end, here are some group photos: Warm regards! Vali
  13. Next one is Mig 21 UM, with roundels after 1984 . This particular plane 6946 crashed in 1989, killing a famous pilot and writer, Doru Davidovici.
  14. next images: Mig-21 F13
  15. Hello, everyone, I want to introduce you my last models, from the Communist period of Romania. All the models are Trumpeter , 1/32, built OOB . All the decals are done by Radu Branzan (RaduB store). First is Mig-17PF. Mig-19 PM