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Any source for external/wing bomb racks for the A-20G?


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2 hours ago, Dennis7423 said:

From what I can tell, there is some variation here. There were the longer pylons, as shown above on several examples, and then what appears to be just the shackle essentially on the wing (likely a field mod, shown above). From what I can tell, the longer ones had some bracing between them, while the short shackle type did not. Here's a photo of Bub's Brother, showing the short, shackle-type under the wing (it's dark, but you can see it there). For what it's worth, Bub was one of the first A-20G's field-moded (emphasis on field mod) to carry rocket tubes, so I imagine the wing bomb racks were a field mod in general, not a mod to carry rockets specifically:


Bub's Brother in Flight(1)


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

I'd be content having just the shackles to mount on the wing, although those rockets do look kick a$$! I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that! Could ruin your whole day!

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