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Limited Edition Saab JA37 Viggen Mask Set for JETMADS kit

Eagle Driver

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This is one of the most interesting and important projects that we've worked on ever. With the kind help of JETMADS team who gave us some information and plenty of kindness and attention, we are glad to announce this Limited Edition 32nd scale set for their JA37 Viggen.

This plane in that scale was a long awaited one!


DN Models Saab Viggen JA37 Splinter Camouflage



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JUST put in an order about 30 min ago! 


I was honestly working on my own, thinking that that JM kit would be way too esoteric to have mask put out for it. It was starting to become much more difficult without the kit dimensions in hand.


This solves all of my issues for me, thanks! Looking forward to getting the masks and the kit.





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Thanx everybody!


Quick info about modelers in UK:

since there is no shipping at the moment /and it has been like that since Jan 1st/, all who wish to get this specific set might take the following action, suggested and used by a fellow modeler from another country, also non-serviceable at the moment:


What he did was that he ordered everything to a friend's address in a country that has undisrupted postal communications with his own, and he got the goods with a delay of about 2 weeks: first delivery to the other country, then in between the two.


This is the best that can be done at the moment. As I mentioned to a fellow forum member this morning, we will do our best to serve everybody with this set, since it is a popular and demanded one.
Sincere apologies to our fellow modelers in UK, we appreciate you a lot and we hope that things will change soon!

Australia for example was banned for postage for about 10 months. Just restarted last month. It is difficult and tricky and there are plenty of reasons why. UK is the trickiest of them all because of the post-Brexit situation. 

Hope this info helps to some extent!



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