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4 hours ago, Derek B said:

It is a very impressive kit (in every way) Mark. This is very much a new learning curve for you (as it undoubtedly is for Iain and others who are building such kits), but the end I am sure result will be very imposing and simply awesome!



yes indeed its a laerning curve but so far i like it

and yes it will be a big model but a special one when done

still verry long way to go

3 hours ago, blackbetty said:

how did i miss this? stellar work, Mark

i dondt know but welcome to the party

thanks for the nice words



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1 hour ago, MOJO said:

Looks fantastic! Did I miss where you ordered this from?

Keep up the excellent work. Also keep posting your progress.

Its from one man models 

If you do search on eBay hs748 1/32 you will find him he is also on fb 



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