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Anthony in NZ

Unique opportunity 1/32 Andover C1

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Some quick thoughts:

  • Would be good to have hollow 'tubes' printed into in the inner/outer wings to reasonably near the tips - so that we can insert some brass rod/tube to keep everything straight
  • Same for tailplane
  • Could the prop blades be printed separately from the spinners in this scale? Would make things a lot easier...

Actually getting quite excited about the possibilities with this as a project...



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This should be technically possible IF the overhang is not overly large (with the large overhang the freshly 'printed' hot plastic will sag dut to gravity leading to surface flaws which we would not want. Alternatively - and this happens in real-life applications - an internal 'honycomb'  structure should be able to give the required stiffness while also reducing the weight, meaning any supports are less needed.


Alternatively it could be possible to 'cut' the wing lengthwise along where the 'tube' would be located - although I think having a rectangular hollow might be more feasible.

re the propblades I think that will make a world of difference in the proposed 1/32 scale. - easy enough to do in the cad design me thinks.

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3 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

Hi Anthony, 


In your mail, can you also mention that someone is interested in a 1/32 YS-11EB?


Thanks in advance! 



Hi Thierry, yes mate, I will email tonight when I get home from work (well after I have had dinner!) So in about 12 hours time the final number.  I will also ask for you about the YS-11EB


Ian, email sent!

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