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Roden Presents: It's Time to Build That Fokker!!

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Hi Friends!

     The recent release of the WNW announcement to release a Dr. I in 2020 has prompted me to start the Roden kit.  I don't want to get to the point where I consider selling it for much less than I paid for it, or think of throwing it in the bin.  To me, every model is an investment of sorts.  In the beginning I invest my cash, and later I invest my time.  In return that kit provides me with the fun of building, challenges, and hopefully at the end, satisfaction.  So...  on with it!



I bought the kit here in Oz.    The PE came from the Peoples Republic of Poland.



I really have very little PE experience.  I hope to use all of this, despite my history of generally choosing the plastic part.



The first part was to marry the brass 'canvas' back wall of the cockpit to the plastic part.  After successfully paring away the inner plastic from the frame, I tried to smooth and round the frame tubes.  Unfortunately I forgot how brittle Roden plastic can be.  After a few strokes of the file, a large chunk of the top square of the frame came off in pieces.  I put it together, but it wasn't as pretty as before and I decided not to try to make it any smoother.



There's the result.  I would hav been more proud to say I did that while drunk...  But I was stone-cold sober.



Not the best photo, but there is the Oberurusel motor completely assembled and painted with Alclad's polished aluminum.  I've added plug wires made with EZ line.  I promise to take a better photo once I have made the engine look more lifelike.


Thanks for looking!





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Hello Gaz,


I did buy 3 Encore Fokker FI kits for a reasonable price and won't resell (for much less) nor waste them at all. One was used already for the MvR F1 which is identical to the Voss machine apart from the fact that his cowling is either green or yellow. The Roden plastic is very fragile indeed. I broke 2 times the inner cockpit box and the frame which takes the PART photoetched linen replacement as well. Since I didn't know which parts are best I bought the Eduard, PART and TOM's photoetched items. PART and Eduard is a nice combination. I tried to use also the Aviattic seat but thats far too wide and I squeezed the Eduard pilots map suitcase attached on the right hand side. Better use the PART photoetched seat as you did. Since the Encore kit has some resin parts you don't have to make those from scratch. So I suppose the WNW kit will do much better in many ways. But I will read your built report with great interest and I hope you will place as many photos as possible. Particular of the cockpit and where the parts belong to as well as the wires. I used led cable for the trigger which leads from the control column to the guns. Unfortunately the control grip is rather poor and could be done much better. The compass by the way came from Bo's Flugzeugwerke (Shapeways) who also offers nice Albatros DV 3D printed material. In that case the one from Roden really is worth to go to the litter box. Good luck with your built. 

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Pardon my ignorance, but is there much of a visual difference between the F1 and the production DR1?

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