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Wingnut's Floating Gotha

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Gotha UWD update finally!

I had to strip and repaint the wood grain I had done in mid July, finally had a chance to clear orange coat it today. This was done rather roughly as I will be adding some sort of black/smoke coat over it to simulate the bitumius tar waterproofing. Much of the grain will be hidden under that. Fuselage fabric is going to be repainted as well, found a few flaws I missed underneath.




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Just a quick Gotha UWD update as I had a moment to redo the floats. Will add a bit of streaky clear smoke over the dark wooden areas still, but you get the idea of the effect I’m going for on the bitumous tar-covered floats and tail area of the plane. Green will still be repainted after a few fixes of sanding I missed.



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