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David Mooney

1/32 P-47D Razorback

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Posted (edited)

Happy new year to the modelling world and builders!!

This is my 1/32 Trumpeter P-47D Razorback with the Kits-world War Birds decals used. 

This kit went together well, even though there a few minor instruction issues, but nothing major to overcome. Painted with MRP paints...……….which are highly recommended!

Built out of the box other than the decals.


A bit about the man:-

2Lt Paul Ellison who was shot down by flak on 17th July 1944 while flying "Tipsy". After taking off from Picauville he was hit by flak just after bombing the bridge at Conde-sur-Vire. Bits of the wing started to fall away and Ellison bailed out at about 1000ft. He evaded capture and returned to military control on 2nd August.


Now the machine......well, my version of it :-)





























Hope you like it, id like some feedback on the prop as I tried for the first time, the salt weathering technique it simulate some weathering on the prop.


Thanks for looking, all comment are welcome



Edited by David Mooney
Missed aerial off, replaced and new pics taken

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6 hours ago, Bill Cross said:

Nifty Jugs. And the plane isn't so bad, either. :rofl:


Seriously, I love sexy nose art. Thank God for Zotz and War Birds decals.

Well I was build two at once....so I hope to have a good couple of jugs :-) soon.


Thank you for your kind comments 

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