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3 hours ago, Tomcatfreak said:

Finally!!! You are the first person (aftermarket business) who do the nose right!! Thanks Stanislav, I need a few of those noses :-)


Can´t wait


PS: Any updates on the MiG-29 wheel bays and MiG-29UB cockpit?


Hi  Tomcatfreak :)

for now testing new 3d printer for better masters ;)


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  • 8 months later...

Well, here are some photos from WIP of the masters:


















The main gear bays are 3d printed with some additional scratch elements, the front bay is photo-etched with scratched details. All will be cast from a resin with a manual for download, but this covid-situation slows everythig here in BG also. So THNAK YOU for support, kind words and great patience/which is not typical for us LSP builders ;) for the patience I mean :)

Cheers friends and stay safe.

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