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hello Guys!


I'm back and ready to send you package. Please check your mailbox here on forum.

I sent you payment instructions.


One little change... postage for Europe was recalculate after info from post-office. (sorry abou it)

And still waiting for another Nozzles. (have only 4, but they come soon I hope)


Thank you very much for your patience.




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hello Gentlemans. Sorry for little delay. I'm still very busy.
First four packages (payed) will be send tomotow. I will send you tracking number to your messenger.
And what about rest of you? Are you still interested please? Because I have orders for about 16 sets and only 4 payed.
Thank you. Jan




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I'm very much intersted in the 2 sets, Is it possible to find a picture of the AB set installed in the kit? The reason I'm asking is the problem for me is the too small size of the kit parts, is the PE set larger? Thanks for any help.


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  • CruZz changed the title to 1/32 F-35A TAILS, EXHAUST, FLAPS sets
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