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AOA Decals - VA-65 A-6 Intruders Pt.1 & 2 (1966-91)


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Will be doing another A-6 sheet afterall.... only covering VA-65 Tigers. Will span 25yrs of their aircraft though, starting with their three Vietnam War deployments (including the early camo test scheme and the ill-fated 1967 Forrestal cruise), then into the mid 70s period with their more well known schemes, and the beginning of low viz in the early 80s, and ending at Desert Storm with several options.


Both sheets now available at www.AOAdecals.com




32-023 - six schemes covering the high viz period (includes full stencils for one aircraft):






32-024 - four schemes covering the low viz period:


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Guest Peterpools

Looks terrific. I have your decal set: Intruders from the Sea which is spectacular


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Damn it! I will get both of them and now I should get another kit...!

I figured it best to break into two since the big 70s markings, complete airframe stencils, etc would be wasted for those only looking for the later low-viz schemes so splitting them between high and low viz seemed like best choice. I also didn't want to repeat the extra large package (and cost) of the Intruders from the Sea sheet, which in retrospect I should've broken into two parts.

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Indeed, this makes sense. The only problem I have is the fact you precisely found two of my very favorite schemes (the red AG and the sand camo ones) ;-)

If you, or anyone, has a view showing the upper surfaces of that camo aircraft I'd love to see it. I've found none showing the camo pattern on the top which is why I provided extra national insignias and flap modex decals for it (though I'm not sure that camo scheme even had the flap markings applied).

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They look as nice as the first sheet which I have. Any chance you would consider 32 scale decals for the F-14A and VF-2? No one has ever done any..

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