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That exhaust would make Rembrant, Monet, and VanGough weep at its beauty! Ah, let's not kid outselves, VanGough would likely be so distraught he'd probably nip off his other ear.


Just...WOW! That is beautiful art, that is!

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Posted (edited)

10x Gaz. For the dust particles - here are 2 pics where i tried to point a flashlight from right underneath the canopy, where is also located the nose gear. So, with the bay door open and with the gear pylon extracted - there is more space to access the housing of the wheel itself and of the huge diagonal strut (which is glued to the main pylon). I had to cut plenty of area on the cockpit floor to get more space for the retraction of the wheel and of this diagonal strut. They literally fit inside the cockpit - the wheel basically touches the top side of the main IP cowling, and the top part of the diagonal strut fits right behind the seat..... Note the long lights on the windshield - they are just reflections of the light in the room. But the spots around the canopy section - it is flashlight from underneath the wheel bay, piercing through the holes in the cockpit tub:






And with a long thin metal rod (wire) accessed the canopy through these holes and managed to get rid of most of the visible dust particles. 


PS: if wondering - here is an old pic where the seat is still not glued and the location of the diagonal strut is visible, with the gear up. The location of the wheel and the pylon are quite imaginary of course, but it`s something like this:



Edited by F`s are my favs

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