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1/32 Tamiya F4U-1a Corsair - Mid Point

John F Smith

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Hello all,


It's been a while since I have posted; in fact, it's been a while since I've been building.  But with encouragement from Peter, I decided to post the rest of this build.


I'm sure that almost everyone has read all of the glowing reports about this Tamiya kit.  I won't add much to what we already know except to say that my experience has been the same.  Everything really does fit amazingly well.  It fits so well that in the couple of cases where it didn't, I ultimately found out that it was my fault.  So be warned when you build this kit.  Dry fit everything and if you find a problem, back step until you find where you went wrong.


My only complaint is the it's a vastly over-engineered kit.  I think we are all used to building cockpits, for example, where we know that not everything, heck, maybe not hardly anything ends up being visible.  But it's still worth it because it's fun.  I exceeded my fun factor on this kit when it came to gluing together multiple parts to make the assemblies where the flaps fit into the trailing edge.  But, that's just me and I'll get off my soapbox now.


In spite of the kit having a beautiful (stunning) engine, I decided to do the Eduard Brassin engine because the visible surface detailing is gorgeous.  But, I've waiting till close to the end of the build to get cracking on it.  The photo below shows the engine block and front housing as well as one of the cylinders.  It's painted gloss black as a prelude to using Alclad Aluminum on the cylinder fins.  




How, you may ask, am I going to mask each of the cylinders?  Well, I got myself some Mr. Mask and some Mr. Mask Neo.  The difference between them is ???, but I'm hoping that they will enable me to mask the cylinder heads in a reasonable period of time.  The engine also has pushrods (scale) and even spark plugs.  I'm going to have to do some careful drilling and fitting.  Photo etch for the engine includes a couple of odds and ends and the wiring harness.  I'm undecided at this point about using the PE wiring harness.  I have some .015 solder which may be closer to a scale look, so I'm going to see what I think and then retreat to the PE, if necessary.


There's not a lot to say about the rest of the photos.  At this point, the fuselage, center wing, outer wings, horizontal stab and elevators, vertical stab and rudder are all done except for final sanding, polishing, and rescribing.  Although not pictured here, the landing gear is complete as well.  Remaining to be done are some final sanding and finishing, primer, paint, decals, and final assembly.  And, oh yes, the engine and cowl assembly.


It's been a lot of fun so far, and I'm hoping you will enjoy the rest of the build with me.








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Guest Peterpools

Hi John

So glad you started your build thread on the Corsair, as it's been a very tough year for you and Jan. Fantastic, neat, clean and precise work on all the major assemblies; as the fit looks flawless. Looking forward to following your build very closely as I have second Corsair waiting it's turn to be built and I'll most likely will follow your lead.

We're in the same camp about over engineering kits, where assemblies and parts will not be seen once the model is completed. Personally I would rather see the energy lavished on visible details or just lower the price. Looking forward to your next update as the Big R2800 comes together. 

Keep 'em coming

Peter :popcorn:

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Thanks so much Peter for your kind assessment of my progress.


I'm plugging away at it and the R2800 is calling to me.


Was it your experience that there always is some other little thing to do throughout the whole build? I feel like there's always something I forgot, but that may be age, rather than Tamiya.



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Good to see you back in the groove John!   Me, Im not quite there yet............up until this AM, its been quite warm here, and with an abundance of Jeep parts to install before a major trip in the Spring, I have not gotten any bench time in a month or more.


This is making me want to break out my Corsair! 

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