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It's another Czech Model T-33 Build!


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Hi Folks,


As if you need or want it, here is yet another Czech Model T-33 build! 


First off, a confession.  This will be my first 1/32 build ever.  I have almost always been a 1/72 modeler by choice.  However, I do really love the clean lines of the T-Bird.  A few years ago I was at a Squadron Open House and they had a special deal on this kit.  I think it was like $35.  I couldn't pass it up.  Then at the Dallas IPMS show that same day I bought some neat resin bits for it from Gerry Asher himself, the man behind Fox 3 Studios.  Fast forward to 2016.  My modeling mojo was low and I needed something to get it going again.  Gazing at the stash, I spied the T-33 kit.  I took it down opened the box and just started going for it.


This will be my WIP to document my progress.  Here are the Fox 3 items I will be using:





I am also going to use the nice Caracel Models decals to do a Texas ANG bird (since I'm in Texas and all).







More very soon, I just wanted to get this one going.


Thanks for looking,




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So on to the actual build.


The first thing I did was glue the resin Fox 3 Studios tailpipe together.  This correction fixes a big visual problem with the Czech kit (although it's shown correctly on the box art, go figure).  The kit tail pipe is flush with the end of the fuselage whereas the real tail pipe extends farther back a bit.  I also decided to add a flame holder inside so there wouldn't be just a blanked off end with an impossible to fix seam.  I robbed a flame holder from a 1/48 Monogram F-101B kit.  It's not 100% accurate but looks the part in my opinion.






I had to cut it down to fit.  Here it is cut down and painted, ready to be super glued in place.  I painted it MM Jet Exhaust and gave it a black wash.






Next up will be the dreaded intakes...






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Next up, I decided to work on the intakes.  As recommended by just about every one who has built this kit I cut the intake trunks into two pieces so I could work on them separately.  This is what I have so far:







Everything is glued together and I'm filling the gaps with Bondo and Tamiya Surface Primer to fill the small in holes and such.  Quite a bit of filling and sanding followed!


Once I was happy with the seams I added another Fox 3 piece to correct another item that Czech Master missed.  This time it's the gun camera bulge in the right (starboard) intake.  I super glued it in place and dressed the minor seams.






I think next will be the intake plates on the fuselage sides and the cockpit.  The intake plates do not seem to fit well at all, so more fill-sand-repeat will be in my future there I'm sure...


Thanks for the looking.  More updates soon.






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Thanks for the kind words so far everyone.  Today I was dry fitting the plates that go onto the fuselage.  It's going to take some careful trimming and/or filling and sanding to get them smooth I'm afraid.  But then again, this kit is all about that.


Here is a shot of another nifty Fox 3 resin piece.  This one corrects the port side intake plate.  At the center, there should be a small, square intake as you can see.  Czech Model missed this detail as well.







All of these resin pieces are small details for the most part but I feel that they really add a lot to the finished model.  It's all in the details after all isn't it?! :)


I really didn't get much done today.  I glued the resin tail pipe in place however.  I used some scrap bits of plastic to help secure it:






There is a lot of end of school activities going on with the kids this week so I'm not sure how much time at the bench I'll have.  Hopefully I'll have another update soon for everyone to see.  I need to get the intakes sorted out and then get to the 'pit...


Thanks once again for looking.







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Very nice progress, Derek. Are those Fox 3 resin upgrades still available? If so, I might have to get some for my build when the time comes.





Thanks Kevin.  I would think Gerry and Fox 3 Studios are still around.  He doesn't have a website but if you Google it, you should be able to find Gerry's contact info.  He's a good guy and great to deal with.



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Hello.  I did manage a bit of time at the bench the last few days after all.  Hopefully I'll have some more time with the three day weekend coming up.


Anyway, Don and Carl - thanks so much for the tips on the intakes!  While lots of scraping and fitting was required as you know and documented, I think I have things fixed up now.   You gents really saved me a lot of trial and error here.  I also spent some time cleaning up the flat part of the intakes on the fuselage sides.  These should be flush and not stepped and mine were turning out.  Some scrap plastic and lots of filler took care of that:






Once I was satisfied with them, I painted the intake trunks and sidewalls ADC gray using MM Enamels shot with my trusty Paasche H airbrush..  I really like this color from MM, it's semi-gloss and sprays on very smooth with little effort:






This last photo shows off some more resin I'm adding for this build.  The photo I have of the Texas ANG bird I'm doing shows it to be equipped with underwing pylons carrying and a chaff pod and ECM pod.  I noticed these pods were carried by many other ANG T-33s in the same time period as my Texas ANG build looking at the photos I have in my reference material.  I decided it would be something different to add to the model as I don't think I've ever seen another T-Bird model equipped with these items.  I was contemplating trying convert a 1/48 Monogram F-101B Voodoo drop tank into a chaff pod when Harold @ AMS Resin came to my rescue.  He supplied me with these beauties:







Everything I needed - thanks Harold!  Yes, a couple of the antennas are broken off of the ECM pod but that will be an easy fix.  He told me he has had these for sometime but didn't market them as the demand wasn't there...


Next up is the cockpit and gluing the intakes to the fuselage halves.  That's it for now, thanks for looking.






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