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  1. Over 40,000 Vietnam-era pilots got their wings at Fort Wolters, near me here in Texas. Many in this bird (along with the OH-23). I am super excited about this kit! Any idea on a release date? Can’t say I’m familiar with AMP - how is their reputation? -Derek
  2. This is going to be one cool diorama. I remember that picture of the P-40s ready for the smelter. Can't wait to see more progress! -Derek
  3. Great pictures and a fantastic build so far! -Derek
  4. Hi Brian, Looking good sir. Nothing a little putty won't take care of on those seams. I am still waiting on my seat belts to arrive. Looks like today finally...! I have been working on the wings, prop, and wheels in the meantime. How does the wing fit onto the fuselage? My initial plan is to leave them off until after painting to ease masking of the clear parts and cockpit. It would be great to install all that glass after painting. But - if the fit is horrible that might not work which would be a bummer. Keep going!! Looking forward to see more. -Derek
  5. Hi Brian, Please - steal away! I hadn't really thought about the yellow around the windows honestly... I do need to think about that one. Looking forward to seeing your finished interior so you can tackle the engine, -Derek
  6. Hi, I think it's about time for another update on this one. I've made some pretty good progress on the interior this week. Things started off simply with a coat of Model Master Interior Green and Model Master SAC Brown for the seats: While that was drying, I made up a first aid kit to mount behind the rear seat: Also, I scratched up some radios. I used some resin blocks I had laying around and added some old Reheat photo-etch generic instrument placards. They look pretty good under a coat of paint. Once the interior paint was dry, I gave it a good oil wash of Payne's Gray. I then started to add some details here and there with various bits of wire. Here is the left side of the fuselage: The map light was made by wrapping some wire over a small drill bit to get the coiled wire. The light itself is a small piece of scrap plastic. I have a couple more made up for the cabin but I don't think I'll install them until the final assembly. The right side: I made the "Data Case" decal on my inkjet printer using Testors clear decal paper. It's supposed to be in yellow but that didn't show up against the interior green very well so I settled for black letters. Here is the cockpit floor so far: And the rear seat with the first aid kit installed: I should be getting my seat belts in with my Hannants order sometime this week. I need to add the lap belts to the floor board, so I'll have to scratch up the mounting brackets for them. Once that is complete, I think I might be able to glue the fuselage halves together. Thanks for looking. -Derek
  7. Looking great Brian! Glad to see the update. I need to do one on my build today as well. I'm not as far along as you, I seem to keep getting bogged down in the cockpit details Plus I'm still waiting on my seat belts, which should be here this week sometime. Your belts came out great btw! How are the window fitting? Too big as Ron pointed out? I'm not looking forward to that... As for that Thai AF O-1, I'll bet it is painted in standard USAF ADC Gray, same as USAF O-1s. Must be the lighting or film processing in that second photo making it look too blue. -Derek
  8. These belts look good too but are a bit more expensive: http://www.ebay.com/itm/191733695498?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT -Derek
  9. Hi Brian, Thanks for the kind words. Your interior is helping me plan mine and your work is inspiring my build. As for the seat belts, no there isn't a specific set for the O-1. Any set of U.S. seat belts will do. Here is what I have decided to order: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HGW132015 They are some type of fabric which should be easier to work with than photo-etched belts which are tough to use IMHO. The only tricky part is how the belts are mounted in the O-1 cockpit. For one, the front seater's shoulder harness comes up through a triangular shaped bar that hangs from the ceiling. This part isn't in the kit of course so I'll have to scratch build that... I did get the interior and seats painted today. I hope to have another update soon. -Derek
  10. Good Morning, This will be my WIP Thread for the new Roden O-1 Bird Dog kit. I'm going to use the beautiful new AOA Decals for this build. I wasn't sure what scheme I wanted to finish my Bird Dog in so I had to decide which sheet to order first. I thought about a VNAF Bird Dog and while I'm still not 100% sure but I did narrow it down to a gray USAF machine. I'm also going to use Airscale Decals to dress up the IP: I don't have a whole lot done yet to show you all, but here's where I'm at now. I started with the kit IP since I was dying to use the Airscale Decals for the first time. Going by the walk around photos here and also the IP shot in the Squadron "In Action" book (see page 33) I decided to go with an overall gray panel with some interior green bits. This make sense to me because the "F" and "G" models were rebuilt/modified "A" and "D" airframes. So I shot some paint and the panel and broke out the small tipped brush and toothpicks for the instrument bezels. I was a bit worried that the 1/32 Airscale Decals would be too big. Luckily, they worked out just fine. They really make the IP pop for sure! I was very happy with the way it turned out. I also used some 1/72 decals for the decal stash/dungeon to fill out the rest of the panel details. Next up, I'm assembling some of the basic cockpit parts in preparation for the interior green paint: My control forward stick was broken on the sprue <sigh> so I'll have to glue it back together once I've cleaned it up: I've also started some work on the engine, trying to be careful of the mounts per Ron's notes. My intake was short shot so I'll have to do something about this: That's about where I'm at now. I'm going to paint the seats and also shoot some interior green today on the rest of the cockpit once it warms up a bit. I'm planning what details I'm going to add to the interior now as well. At minimal, I want to add the radio gear and compass in the front windscreen. Also the cockpit lights and some wiring. I'm not sure what if anything I'll do with regard to the interior padding. I might not do anything. I did orders some nice looking seat belts from an outfit in Hong King from eBay. However, it's been almost a month now and I haven't received them so I am thinking about ordering another set of belts from Hannants... I am really hoping that I can leave the wings off and paint the fuselage and wings separately and then add the wings once everything is done. That would make detailing the cockpit and masking off the clear parts so much easier! Not sure if this is possible but I'm sure going to try it. Thanks for looking at my progress so far. More soon, I promise. -Derek
  11. Looking great Brian! Thanks for the updates, keep them coming. Really nice job on the radio equipment and wiring. Those Airscale Instruments do bring the IP to life don't they?! Thanks too for the notes Ron. I'm about to start my own WIP in a few minutes although I don't have much to show yet. -Derek
  12. Hi Brian, Any updates on this one? I started mine this afternoon. I was disappointed to see that a couple of my engine parts were apparently short shot - both side of my engine intake for one - ugh... I'll have to build that up with sheet plastic as best I can. I hope I got the angles of the engine supports right! Perhaps I should start my own WIP so we can compare notes. -Derek
  13. That's good info Ron, thanks. Are you talking about part numbers 12D and 9D in step 9? -Derek
  14. Wonderful! I have this kit too (along with the AOA Decals) and I'm going to try and start it as soon as I clear a few things off the bench. Needless to say, I'll be watching your build closely! Are you planning on adding any details to the cockpit? -Derek
  15. That's strange. I just ordered the first sheet (USAF options) and had no problems. -Derek
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