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Calais Spitfire P9374

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Howdy gang,


As some of you know I've been collecting parts for this project. Thanks for Rick and Martin for helping out!


My goal is to depict the Spitfire in the sand. My reference is the famous photo with the two Germans posing on it.


The challenges are:

  • The base: I've never modeled sand and water.
  • Determining the amount of looting. The seat appears to be gone. What else was looted? (I notice no parts are in the vicinity. I assume parts have been carted off or in the sand.)
  • Weathering: this will be interesting. The interior should be full of sand.
  • What's inside the small (missing) access panel?

Wish me luck!








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This looks like a cracking project Brent. I shall follow with great interest.


As far as what's inside, I'd go with half of Calais' beach. The water level appears to have settled in the interior so it would be throughout the whole fuselage. That could make it easier since you won't have to add anything much below the water line.


The ripples in the sand might be a challenge. I'm sure you'll come up with an ingenious solution. (I think I'd go with rolled up sausages of two-pack putty blended together).


Already looking forward to your first update.



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So far I have cut up two fuselages (thanks guys!). They both came out well, so I may not need the back up. We shall see.


I have decided to use a block of pink foam insulation to carve the base. I will cover the base with plaster to finish the shape. I think I can flow the plaster into the fuse too.


No pics yet - soon!


I appreciate the interest. :-)



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