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1:32 IMCTH P-51 Mustang. 27.08.2017 Engine fitted


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Here I am about to abound on another adventure, and my first built thread here on LSP.... wish me luck!


I have chosen to start my adventures with the IMCTH brand on their P-51 Mustang, not my first choice but I have taken advice from John F Smith who has built all 3 so I really should pay attention.


Without re-hashing the excellent introductions that John has already done (if you haven't already seen them then you should really check them out), I will show you what you get in the box.


If you would like to try your hand at one of these exellent kits then I would recomend purchasing through HLJ, I always find their service to be exceptional. The model chosen, EMS shipping scellected, and the usuial dance with customs I was the proud owner of a large rather heavy black box....




Tightly and well packaged inside we find many hours fo frustration... I mean happeniess :frantic:




Plenty of little bags of white metal.




Assorted bits 'n' bobs but only 1 canopy.... I am use to getting 2 in the 1:43 car kits, and I often need them both! I'll have to see if IMCTH will send me a spair, ya know... juist incase...




Here lies the real challange and beauty of these kits, the photo etch....




The PE they use is stainless steel and feels quite different to the brass I'm use to from Eduard and the like, time will tell how I get along with it :fight:


Some of the pieces are quite small....





Here we have the infamous foil for the canopy trim, others have really struggled with this step so I am a little nervouse. IMCTH have a youtube video of how they go about doing it, it is in Japinese but you can sorts follow along. Not looking forward to this part of the build. :help:





I'm not a fast, or even a very good builder, but I will try my best to provide an interesting read.


Any and all coments are most welcome, suggestions, hints and advice...

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After a bit of thought I am going to include here copies of the parts list and the assembly instructions for the engine to allow anyone contemplating attempting one of thses to see what they are getting into, as well as giving me a digital reference that I can then zoom in on the detail. (yes I have to use my binocular viewers to read some parts of the instructions....) :wacko:


The photo etch.




The white metal.






The first steps, building the engine.







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Making a start today, isn't it exciting starting a new kit.... :evil_laugh:


My plan is to build it mostly OOB but adding a touch of refinment as I go along, I have ordered some turned brass gun barrels from Volks, weighted tyres and colour PE from Eduard. Maybe it will fit, maybe it wont... I'll just have to wait and see.

I have also ordered a Tamiya P-51 to display along side as well as to use their instructions to help with paint colour references.


The first step as with all multi media kits is to identify the parts, I copied the page with the engine parts and sorted through the bag of bits....




A basic clean up then its off to the magnetic polisher. If you don't know what a magnetic polisher is then you should check out my thread here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=55486




30 minuts later i have nice shiney parts! :frantic:




Here you can see some of the very delicate bits that have gone through the polisher without a problem.






The next step is priming and painting the engine.


Does anyone have a copy of the Tamiya instructions that they would be willing to scan and post? I only need the steps for building and painting the engine, by the time I get to the next stage my own Tamya Mustang should be here. It is out of stock at HLJ and will be 4 - 6 weeks before it will be sent! :doh:

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Hi Chris, nice start. I like how the parts look now that they are polished.


Regarding the colour of the engine, can you find any photos of real Packard Merlins on-line and just copy the colours from the references? From what I recall, much of the engine and ancillaries are black with just the odd bit in silver.

There are a few WIP threads here on LSP where folk have super-detailled Merlin engines. I'm sure they will give you great ideas.


Please post more progress as soon as you hav esome.



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Hi geedubelyer,


Yes you are right, I could take a look through some of the threads here on LSP and take inspiration from them.

I guess that I'm the type of person who likes to "follow instructions" rather than just wing it.... :mental:

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Guest Peterpools


Good luck with the IMCTH 'stang, as it is going to be a fun build to follow and enjoy. I've followed and discussed all thee of John builds with him and he is absolutely your go to guy for advice and guidance.

Hard to believe what a fantastic job the magnetic polisher does and I really need to look into one myself .

Keep 'em coming


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Hi Peter,


I am sure that you would find the magnetic polisher extremely useful, especially when you look at that fine piping. I was really struggling to scrape the mould seams yet the polisher hasn't even tweaked the shape at all.

Ottofrei has them in the US from $249.00 I have the 130mm unit, they list that size for $735.00 sure makes the Chinese unit at $265.00 look a lot more attractive. The quality seams to be fine for our needs in the hobby world.


I have been trying to find a build thread on the Mustang but have only found John's "Ready for Inspection" thread, would you know where to look, if indeed there is one.?

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Guest Peterpools

Hi Chris

Thank you for all the information and I'm now 'saving up' for one, as it will really come in quite handy for some of my upcoming projects. I'll talk to John later today and about the link for the build for you.

Also Jorge did the kit buy I'm pretty sure only as Ready for Inspection


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