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Hansa Brandenburg W.29 - 1/32 by Wingnut Wings, HGW

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You don't have to be a "billionaire" to buy this kit, but you have to really want an early Felixstowe with the package. "IF" you were after the Felixstowe, it "only" costs another $80 to get a W.29 kit in the Duellists packaging.




Of course, you couldn't classify the Felixstowe as "inexpensive", but it is a fine piece of model engineering.... as is the W.29.


Thanks for building this one. It sure looks nice so far.



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Thank you very much! 

I wish I had ordered the Duelists... but I was too fast ordering the Felxistowe alone already.... and it is waiting for my pick up today from the customs office :) :) :) 



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Hello @ all….


The hull was painted in Tamiya XF-55 grey and Revell light blue/green from the downside. Then all the Decals were applied for the Lozenge and for the markings on the hull.


The wings were painted from the downside in sand beige, then small stripes of masking tape were applied on it and the wings were painted in dark brown. After the colour was dried a further thin layer of sand beige was applied again.

Then all the decals were also applied….














On the pictures you could see the bubbles on the Lozenge which is resulting from Mr. Decal softer which I used for applying the large decals on the wings. This will be gone once the decals are dry.

Next steps are matt clear coat on everything, a higly thinned layer of smoke on the wings with striped maskings  …. A shinly clear coat on the top of the hull (parts which were made of metal in the original), then weathering and chipping…..




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Great progress and work Michael. I built this kit when it was first released and it builds to an impressive model.


Just something to be aware of, when you get to the point where you assemble the floats and struts, remove a bit of plastic from the ends of the pins where they set into the sockets on the floats, and also mask them off when you paint the struts. The fit is very tight and there's a high risk of breaking them during assembly. (ask me how I know this)


Keep up the excellent progress.





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here is a new update....


What is new? 


The guns were finished. Gun barrels made of brass parts by Master Models, black painted and finished with "Gun metal" pigments by Tamiya.

The propeller is painted in beige, taped and painted in dark brown. Then added "burned umbra" oil colors followed by a layer of clear coat. The silver and gold are painted and polished. 

The exhaust pipes were drilled open, painted in black inside, rusty outside (lifecolors), then added the smoke on the top of it with black pigments.


And most of the further parts added.....


What's missing? Further details at the rear gun, rigging, and some other small stuff and details..... and a base :)


Here we go ...














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