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Marines F-4J


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With the SCAT XXVII getting close to being completed, I'm going to throw my hat in for another build.  I don't know if I'll finish before the deadline, but it'll be fun trying!


I thoroughly enjoyed building the Tamiya F-4C phantom, and at the start of my first build someone said that after you build one of Tamiya's phantoms, you'll want to build another and another.  They were right; I do want to build another one!  After seeing a couple fabulous Marines phantoms built for this group build, I knew I wanted one in my display case. 


For this build, I'm going out of my comfort zone.  I'll be doing some surgery.  I've never attempted cutting up a perfectly good piece of plastic before, but I'm going to give it a shot on this build.  I'll be using the Sierra Hotel seamless intakes along with their exhaust cans.  


I have two Fox One Marines in SEA decal sheets, but I haven't decided on which squadron yet.  I also haven't finalized a load out either, but I do like the looks of Bill Cross' and Daniel Leduc's builds with the Mk 77 napalm canisters.  So, my build will have these too, and I picked up a couple from AMS resin.




I'm looking forward to another enjoyable build, but this time just a little bit more challenging!



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Mike, Very Glad to see you  re join the fight  with your Marine F-4.

 I added your name and build to the who's building what list a couple nights ago between work, but have been VERY busy with work and hadn't had time to say much on here.  :)

 Looking forward to your progress!


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Never Too Many PHANTOMS


watch'in you :innocent:




Agreed, I have a feeling this one won't be the last with GT Resins coming out with their B conversion.  Plus I'll need to do a Navy J, and of course there's the E version too.  I'll be needing a larger display case!


Leatherneck aviation rules!!


Yes it does Bill, and your build is an inspiration for mine.



Well, the surgery wasn't nearly as tough as I was expecting it to be, very little blood shed....


I first cut out the exterior piece of the intake trunk then the interior section.



Here are some shots of the surgery areas cleaned up:





And here's a shot showing the intakes just set in place.  I'll need to do a little bit of filling in with CA, but it'll be minor:



With this effort complete, I can turn to the office and other miscellaneous components.


Thanks for stopping by.


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Good luck with the phantom build. it doesnt matter if you get her done on time or not im sure its all about the fun along the way  :D

Ive got this one in the stash and im hoping to start on it in a week. Got resin seats and wheels and the eduard biged set for the J...


Ill be watching this one closely 



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Well, I've hit a snag on this build.  I started working on the landing gear tonight, and I discovered I received two left side main landing gear struts:



Any one build their kit with the gear up and have a right side main strut in their spare parts box?



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello All,


Well, Jack saved the build for me, and sent me a spare MLG he had.  THANKS again Jack!


Been slowly working on the build.  I have the SH intakes installed. I have some gaps to deal with, but nothing a little Mr. Surfacer 500 can't handle.



I've also painted the cockpit.  It's not perfect nor accurate, but it looks the part.  






I have a majority of the smaller sub-assemblies done, and they're waiting a trip into the paint shop which will be happening this weekend.  


I have approx. 5 weeks left to wrap this build up, and it'll be a race to the finish line.



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