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HK B-17 WIP Part 1


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First, I must say that I have never posted a build before. Fortunately, my wife usually makes supportive, positive noises which is usually good enough for me.


I've only built 3 other planes (Tamiya Spitfire XVIe, A6M5 Zero and a Trumpy Corsair) since I started back up in the hobby about 2 years ago after about a 38 year hiatus. I was a plastic injection mold maker for almost 30 years and still work as a plastics engineer. I get the same....rush...satisfaction...gratification...whatever you want to call it, out of building large scale models that I used to get when building molds. It's a great feeling of satisfaction to finally close up a mold after 300 hours of blood and sweat working on one or, in the model world, glueing on the last little fiddly bit after months and months of fiddly bits. Unfortunately, I still have months and months of more fiddly bits before I finish this beast, but what fun it's been so far!


I must say, this model is going together superbly. If anyone is hesitant because of the shape and detail issues they've heard about, all I would say is go for it! Hey! It's a 1/32 B-17!! Whodathunk we'd ever see one of these? The plastic is fantastic - the directions suck - and the fit and finish is spectacular! I finally closed up the fuselage last week, and it went together so well that in most places on the seams, no filler was needed. I've used a lot of Eduard and other AM on this bird, and boy, is some of that stuff tiny!


Anyway, I've taken a few pics along the way and, thought I would share some of the progress thus far. Enjoy!



First, The Front Office:















I'll post more tomorrow....









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Very nice work, indeed, Scott.


I, too, look forward to more progress shots and commentary from you about the kit.  Would especially love to hear about any problems you overcame and how you did it.


You know, blazing a trail for the rest of us!!!!  


Seriously, thanks so much for posting and I really do hope to see more.



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welcome aboard with your first build...i did my first work in progress ten days ago and im sure youll find it fantastic...The guys are cool and are always supportive and willing to lend you a hand with techniques and everything.cool bunch :D ..so firstly  :hi:

Second, your build looks great the details are really good...must have taken you a while to get that front office the way it is...great job

Just a little question...how did you do the woodgrain/wood on the floor of the cockpit? ive been meaning to ask everytime i see this done but didnt get a chance yet so there goes lol  :lol: i can foresee many future applications to it for interiors etc... and i hope its something i can source in my corner of the world lol


ill be tagging along for this build :clap2:  :popcorn: and again great job ! 



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Thanks for the kind words everyone. This has been an absolute blast to build. I often find myself up till 2AM working on it. The PE is particularly challenging, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

So far, the fit and finish of the plastic is almost Tamiya quality, however the instructions leave much to be desired. Especially on a kit this size.


The woodgrain in the cockpit is an Ushi decal. All of the other woodgrain on the floors, doors and ammo boxes were done with a Modelmaster Wood color enamel with Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna watercolors and a short, stiff brush. I prefer using watercolors because just a touch of the tip of the brush on my tongue allows me to move the woodgrain patten around until it looks right. Then I spray it with a gloss lacquer clearcoat, then weathering. 


Now on to the Radio Compartment


Right Side Radio Compartment:



Size comparison to a toothpick:



Left side Radio Compartment:









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