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Airfix 1/24 Mosquito WIP


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I thought it about time I started on my example of this kit, inspired by "alpinestar" and his phenomenal example posted over on LargeScaleModeller. Those of you who have built this kit will agree that there is so much more detail that can be added, which is what I'm going to try and accomplish.


As in alpinestar's example, I'm also building HR118 "W" from 235 Sqdn Coastal Command stationed at RAF Portreath circa June 1944. Reason for that is that I live a few miles from Portreath, and recently read "The Strike Wings" by Roy Conyers Nesbit and Graham Smiths Devon and Cornwall Airfields in the Second World War.


Add ons I have acquired are as follows:


Master Models .303 Browning barrels and 20mm Hispano Cannons

Paragon .303 Ammo feed chutes - very rare now.

Miracle Masks markings.

Mastercaster resin mainwheels

Cammett Fasteners and grille set


Miles of lead wire and a fair bit of plasticard !!


I'm also going to use a set of Miracle Masks instead of regular decals, this will be a bit of a leap into the unknown as I have never used masksbefore, but I think that in this scale its the best option.


Paint will, at the moment, be either Gunze (my favourite), Xtracrylix or Tamiya.



Here goes......



Photos of the actual cockpit show many discs attached to the cockpit sidewalls, enabling all the fittings to be secured to the cockpit walls. I have used 3mm sequins superglued to the inside walls to replicate these.








Rear cockpit bulkhead. Control rods and brackets from stock and rod. The moulded on cables were removed and substituted with lead wire.




Partially complete port cockpit wall. The oxygen hose was made by wrapping lead wire around a length of stiff 0.5mm wire and bent to shape. Then sealed with very thin cyano.






Incomplete starboard side. Switches were added to the control panel to improve this area.



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Well progress has been a little slow on the Mosquito, what with work commitments and a little loss of enthusiasm that I'm sure every modellers gets once in a while, however things have moved on a little since my last post.

I'm going to display the port merlin whilst the starboard engine will be covered. Plenty of lead wire and a little fabrication and its finished - well almost but I wont finish it off until installed onto the wing.



The cockpit is nearly complete. The pilots seat still needs to be fitted as does the radio equipment behind the co-pilot - hence the mess of lead wire awaiting the "black boxes" of the GEE radio fit.


The bomb bay forward bulkhead is no-where near finished. There is still plenty of lead wire to add for the pipework hear as well as the hydraulic lines down the sides. I have tried to keep as close to reference photos as I can, but I think the main goal for me is to make it look the part.


An finally in this update, the port undercarriage bay. Again plenty more detail will be added, and then I will start on the starboard bay.


Well that's it so far, slow but steady progress. Thanks for looking in.


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So that's at least four Mosquito builds ongoing now - and what a great build this one is. I especially like the undercarriage bay, very neat detailing. Mine wont' be nearly as detailed, but seeing builds like this gives me some ideas about how to achieve the look I'm aiming for. Also, that's a nice trick with the oxygen hose, looks very convincing.

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OK, again slow progress on the Mosquito. The bomb bay is all but complete, although I'm not 100% happy with the bomb rack frames, so I'm going to rework them with some 1.5mm alloy tubing. The forward bulkhead containing all the Hydraulic services is complete and weathered as is the Hispano cannon pack.






Both undercarriage bays are all but finished, and wont be 100% complete until the U/C doors are installed at a much later stage. At the moment I am attaching the engine and undercarriage sponsons to the wings, and the bare stbd merlin is fitted. I will post more photos of my progress soon.





thanks for looking in


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