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AIMS Ju 388

Pastor John

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Hi all,

Just to let people know I have started on the Ju 388 conversion. Engines being turned by a friend whilst I start on the structure. As you will know I have a number of parts already in stock thanks to the Ju 188 conversion I did a few years back but there is lots to do. 


1. Can anyone provide me with photos of the seats? I have seen the excellent ones in the 1/48 scale kit but would like to see for myself if poss.

2. The cooling fan and thus engine cooling ring look a greater diameter than that  on the Fw 190/ Ju 88, I would love to be wrong but any observations welcome.


Here is the start of the Bodenwanne in Balsa wood. Need to varnish it and gradually make the grain disappear before filling and detailing ready for a vac form mould. 



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John, there also is a digital re-print of the "Ju 388 J-1, L-1 Bedienungsvorschrift-Fl", offered by Luftarchiv Hafner. When on the (German only) website at the left column hit "Junkers". Then on the main frame at right scroll down to almost the very end to find this reference offered on CD-ROM.


"Bedienungsvorschrift" translates to "Operating Directive". The content is given as "Clear to takeoff, flight operation, maintenance". Including the cover pages 1 to 69, issue January 1945, 240 pages.


Drop me a line in case I could assist you here to get one.

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Dear Pastor John,


I am delighted about your intend on preparing a Ju 388 in 1/32nd scale. Please add me to your order list.


For your project I can recommend the booklet "Bildmappe der Ju 388 der Junkers-Werke" by Dr. Peter Korrell. He 

mentioned that he got these excellent photos from Dipl.-Ing. Karl Kössler.

Included are 40 photos (40% unpublished before) of Ju 388 L-1 Werknummer 340083 (RT-KC) and Werknummer 340084 (RT-KD).


With respect to engines: Ch. Vernaleken/M. Handig mention in their book "Junkers Ju 388" (I have the German version) on page 92 that due to the increase of "Volldruckhöhe" (sorry) of BMW 801 J-0 versus BMW 801D an increas of diameter of cooling fan becomes necessary (how much?). They quote BMW Strömungsmaschinen-Bericht Nr. 7000 von 18.03.1944, NASM MF R 3448 F 1161 & MTU Archiv. In this moment I seem to recall that Deutsches Museum München has a BMW 801 J-0 in display.


Cheers Alfons



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Hi Alfons, thanks for the link, I must be daft but I don't see how one can obtain the booklet from this link? please heeeeeeeeeelp




PS ordered the Schiffer book this morning so together with the work in Ju 88 vol1 by William A. Medcalf and the old Monograph publication I should have enough to go on. Also ordered the CD rom for the flugzug


PPS yes thought the cooling fan looked larger - great more work!

Edited by Pastor John
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Hi John,


The Ju-388 manual was put on auction last year or so and luckily for us was apparently  bought by mr. Hafner. I have seen a photo of the seats somewhere (in a Modell-Fan magazine I think). If I can find it I'll make a scan and send it to you. Do you have the Merker drawings (the same guy who made the drawings of the nightfighter versions I sent you for your Ju 88G project) published in a Polish book on the ju 188/388? From these the cowl fan/ring and cowling diameter are larger than those fitted on the standard BMW 801.




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