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  1. IIRC, the old Revell F4U-1 has folding wings. Maybe you could adapt its hinges. or maybe upscale any number of 1/48 scale kits' hinges. If I were looking tho, I would go the RC hinge route.
  2. Has anyone ever done a Hind-A conversion?
  3. I guess you don't want a 1/32 B-24 bad enough to build a vac? Or balsa and tissue? Is the Guillow's B-24 1/32 or 1/28?
  4. What about corrugated sheet from Plastruct?
  5. I have the FJ-4 and IIRC, when I bought it, it was listed as a "conversion". I asked John what the conversion was for since there is no base kit to simply convert to an FJ-4 and I was told something like "the donor kit of your choice" so I figured have a fuselage was better than nothing and I would just make do with what I could to scratch the rest of it. I figured maybe it was like some of Combat's inaccurate conversions and maybe it was made to fit Hasegawa's F-86.
  6. Considering how low the exhaust stacks are on the engine, I don't see how the wings can avoid staining. I would guess that an Ha.1112 with the Merlin doesn't get exhaust on the wings since the exhaust is on top. AT-6's, SNJ's, etc. and cropdusters with R-1340's and R-985's generally get exhaust stains on the right side of the fuselage as well as the upper right wing root. It's all in exhaust stack locations and airflow.
  7. Didn't the old Revell MiG-21 have an engine?
  8. IIRC, Jeff includes injected plastic or resin parts for landing gear, props, engines, etc.
  9. Combat Models makes a vac and resin conversion. I have one somewhere in my stash but I also have a couple of the WW resin ones. IIRC, the Combat one has a resin prop and maybe resin small details. Over the years, since I have time to think and plan, just not build, I had planned a fairly simple conversion using an Fw 190D prop and modifying the nose section myself as well as other minor mods, but I am generally content with something if it basically looks right.
  10. I would think the probability of it being only "one day" could be slim. My guess is it would be until the tires needed replacing again, which hopefully would be more than a day.
  11. Su-15/21 is one of my favs, next to the MiG-25/31 and Tu-128! What about Mirage wings for a start? Decades ago I made a 1/72 Su-9/11 from the old Plasticart Su-7 using Mirage wings and while I don't remember the exact scaling, they look right and I have never compared it to any available Su-9/11 kits now. Again without looking, I'm guessing the Su-7 canopy, cockpit, landing gear, tail parts and maybe as mentioned earlier, some fuselage parts for the aft section. Good luck!
  12. Combat has a Voodoo too. Makes all versions, IIRC.
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