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Bf109G-6, JG 51, Hasegawa 1/32


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after a 4 year break from plastic modeling I am back with a ... 109 - what else?! ;-)


I will do Black 13 from JG 51 in a winter wash. A/c is known from 2 pictures showing it after a belly landing. I will try do do a small dio showing that situation.


Added some details in the luggage compartment (which will be open) and separated the rear flight surfaces. Also have an Aires cockpit.


Bye now,







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Yes, the riveter is called "109s-right-arm-riveter-MkI"  :doh:


It´s a bit tedious to do all the rivets, but I like the look.


You must be glad it's quite a small airframe...  :D Keep it comin'. 

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Good job 109! I know exactly how much work that is. Keep it up.





Very nice work with the rivets!




> I like rivets, they give you great opportunities for weathering :popcorn:

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