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Revell Seafire-All Done!


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Got some more painting done today working on the top side. After a few different trials I think I was able to come close to duplicating the extra dark sea grey. The winning concoction was a mix 98% xf-24 2% xf18 mix.


Here is the heavily weathered seafire I am trying to match.



Here is where I am as of now


This is my first attempt at this heavy a wear and tear. After priming the model I masked off the nose area and sprayed it with krylon rattle can aluminum. I sanded the top portion (anti glare panel) so the paint would stick better. I would think they would have tried to keep this area in as best a condition as possible with touch ups etc. After applying the camo I dabbed bits of masking tape over the partially dry paint and ended up with the current result. Still needs some touch ups but I think the technique was rather effective. Here are a few more.

Please let me know if you has any suggestions.






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Got a few of the touch ups done but I see that a few more are required. I need to spray a little more green up front as the first coat came up in far to great a quantity, this wont take long. I got a few of the decals on as well, despite their age they went on quite well. One of the fuse roundels was the only casualty of the 30 plus year old sheet. Still have to make the fuse code masks and paint them on and after a few touch ups we will be on to the weathering.





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Thanks for the compliments guys. I can't take credit for the figures though, they are pre painted.... :oops: I am terrible with figures. The metal up front has to be toned down a bit still but I think a little more green should take care of it. The exhaust stains and dirty weathering should help quite a bit too.


Got the code masks printed out today at work so hopefully they can be painted on one night this week.


Any tips on how to lessen the glare on those royal navy decals? I trimmed them down as much as I could. Would a few more rounds of micro sol do the trick?


Thanks again for watching!

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Alright gents, got this one pretty much all buttoned up. Got the decals on and some weathering done. Thank you very much to Keith in the uk, Lsp Mike,and BloorwestSir for the decals! I think the exhaust staining helped tone down the paint peeling up front. I will take few glamour shots tomorrow but these will do for now. Thanks for watching!







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Excellent Job on the finish, it's so nice to see these old kits get built, and when one is this nice it's particularly so. :goodjob:


I cant tell you how many parks and back yard sandboxes probably still have parts of my old 1/32 kits I had to "play" with when I built them 40 years ago, but seeing an "adult" version this classic kit this well done is a true pleasure.

All the best,


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