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Revell Seafire-All Done!


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After winning the most haggard box in the stash award consecutively for the past three years and being moved to three different cities in two countries, I feel she has earned her right to be built.


Got started tonight with the removal of parts from the sprues and a bit of clean up.




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Cool! That's based on the old Revell Mk 1 kit, right? Your box is in much better condition than the one for my Matchbox Spitfire! I only chose to build it because it could no longer contain the contents properly...


Looking forward to your progress on this one.



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Hi guys sorry for the lack of responses and updates. I laughed when I saw that offer as well. It would be interesting to find out where it is or if anyone ever won it. I had another old kit that was giving away a boat! Wish they would start those give always again.


Had some time this week to sit down with the seafire and get some work done. After getting all the parts cleaned up I began dry fitting and was pleasantly surprised at the fit of the kit considering its age and how may stash closets it had been I prior to mine. The only issue I see so far is a minor space where the wings join the fuselage.


Got the very basic cockpit put together which when sealed up appears to do the trick. I am going to add some masking tape seat belts and will give it a wash once I've made a new batch. I went to use my burnt umber and it was almost gelatinous. Weird.


After a quick engine paint ( all the panels are glued shut) I sealed up the fuse which thankfully joined in near perfect fashion.


And the last one for the night.


Thanks for checking in and I should have more done by the end of the week, then it's off to Hawaii for two weeks. Ha!

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Got some more work done this evening getting the wings and tail planes installed. Had a major gap to deal with on one side of the fuse/ wing joint and have completed stage one of the repair.



Also did some tidying up of the tropical filter. Such a shame to put a muzzle on such a pretty face.


As for the cannon wing bulges I am trying to sand them down a little as they are quite over sized for the wings. Still a ways to go but I think they are looking much better.


Thats all for tonight. Thanks for looking

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Hi guys sorry for the lack of updates we were on holidays in Hawaii for the last two weeks.


Have resumed work on the seafire and have been doing lots and lots of filling, sanding , filling and sanding. I have attached the tropical filter which again required more filling and sanding. Looks like a bit of a hack job now but with a few more layers we should be in good shape.





We are a long way off but here's the scheme I have picked. Mine will be O6 K. Thanks for looking.9C831528-F218-471F-87BD-4AA7AB45CD17-405-00000018DBD6121A_zps73c4d618.jpg

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Time for anothe update now that the putty monster is ready for primer. Wind screen and canopy were futured, masked with tape and installed. Before I primed I knew there would be two problem areas which can be seen in the photos below. After sanding the cannon bulges down to a more suitable size they no longer fit to the contours of the wing. I was able to bend them back into shape using my trusty BBQ starter and man strength. The seam was then filled with mr dissolved putty and this is where the first of the two issues arose. While the seams filled perfectly, on one side, the thinner/putty combo might have been put on a little heavy and required a little sanding after priming. One side of the tropical filter nose joint was also slightly problematic showing a few unven areas. This area is quite hard to sand but I think I have it now. Next stop the paint booth.





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After the above issues were addressed, I re primed the areas in question and pre shaded the model.



Here it is masked for its chipped nose. Upon further review of the picture, the wear on the front end looks like its right down to the metal. So that's what I will go with.


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