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  1. X-man, brilliant models there, top work and thanks for sharing! Can you give a little more info on how you reproduced the ammo belts on that Razorback? Looks fantastically real. Edit: or is the ammo just what was supplied with the kit? Thanks Ango
  2. Geoff, me old mate, sorry I haven't dropped in more frequently, but strewth, you are on fire here with your delightful Mustang! This is breathtaking work. The detail and accuracy of your scratch building are in another world, and I can't wait to see what's next in this epic build. Keep up the great work. Cheers Ango
  3. Great work here Butler, you are doing a sensational job! To add my 2 cents worth, I reckon the method you've used on the first pic which shows the riveted aluminium skin looks the most convincing. Would you consider doing that instead of just the indentations? Anyway, whatever you decide on will look great with paint/chipping/weathering, so I should probably just shut my mouth Top stuff, can't wait to see more of this build. Cheers Ango
  4. I'll answer my own question after digging a little deeper. It seems the ammo has been moulded into one of the ammo trays, while the other is left empty (see pic below from www.europeanmodeller.com). Presumably this approach would be to accommodate those nutters amongst us who would prefer to scratch build their own ammo? Anyway, the kit does look delightful to me, and one day I would love to get my hands on it. Cheers Ango
  5. Hell yeah...looks brilliant. One question for anyone who's seen some close up pics or the actual kit: does the kit actually include the ammo belts that should be prominent if the ammo bays are open? The reason I ask is because none of the pics I've seen seem to show any ammo in the trays. Cheers Ango
  6. More, more, more! Bill, the work you are doing on the Tiffie is brilliant, and the bonus for me is that it's probably my favourite aircraft. Your build is very inspiring for me because I have a Revell Typhoon waiting to be build one day, so your work here will serve as a 'how-to' guide. keep the progress pics coming Cheers Ango
  7. Kev, I fully appreciate the issues you're having with glueing/clamping/misfitting, because I was having similar problems fitting the merlin into my 1/24 spitfire. In fact I still haven't resolved it, so you are doing a fair bit better than me! That engine and guns looks wonderful, and I'm sure it'll turn out to be a great looking model. Stick wid' it bro! Cheers Ango
  8. ruzl, great job on a very appealing build. We can never have too many spitfires and we don't often see late model spits in 1/32, so your build is filling a void in LSP society! Can't wait to see more progress. Cheers Ango
  9. Beautiful work Loic, I have been sneakily following this build, and I am finding it very inspirational. The quantity and quality of scratch building going into it is amazing. Keep the pics coming Cheers Ango
  10. Hi Black 9, mate I reckon you are doing a really nice job on the old Airfix beast. It is a kit that is on my workbench right now too (although t hasn't been worked on for a year...dammit!). I don't know if this will be any help to you, but I have spent a fair bit of time on the engine of my big spitfire too, so I know how challenging it is to get things looking somewhere near convincing. I found great inspiration perusing Brian Cauchi's 1/32 spitfire build(s) in the galleries on the main page of LSP, so it might be worth looking there for some tips on tackling the powerplant. For what it's worth here's my effort: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...=8614&st=75 Cheers, and keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing more! Ango
  11. Hi Martyn, mate this is one slick build you have going here! That engine, firewall and mesh intake look extremely convincing, especially after your weathering wash. Cockpit is absolutely marvelous too. I enjoy seeing these big old airfix beasts getting built, and you are doing a really great job on the Stuka. Thanks for sharing Ango
  12. Hi Azgaron, MDC make a Typhoon cockpit I believe? I seem to recall seeing the gunsight on the MDC typhoon looked pretty sweet when Jay was building his Typhoon 'in the works'? Don't have any actual pics of what it's supposed to look like though, sorry. HTH Ango
  13. Well for what it's worth, Derek, your Beaufighter set(s) will be one of the few aftermarket items I will be happy to fork out for, as the old Revell Beaufighter is crying out for some accurate detailing which I know I won't be capable of on my own. So this is excellent news, and please do keep us informed of your progress! Cheers mate! Ango
  14. great work Matty, all the weathering effects you are employing have turned out to be really convincing and well thought out! Keep up the brilliant work mate. Cheers Mango
  15. Hey Klaus, your absence around these parts has been missed, I can tell you! This is.....no sh!t..... one of the best models I have ever seen. It's as close to the real thing as a 1/32 model is ever likely to get, I reckon! That engine is Cauchi-esque in it's accuracy and detail, and I really love the bare metal effect you've come up with on the fuselage as well. I can't quite remember, did you use a vac canopy? Anyway, thanks for sharing mate, can't wait to see your corsair! Cheers Ango
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