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  1. Yeah, its a tough one this one. The boss is going to grab all the archived information from Taiwan later in the year but Ive been digging around with what I have without too much luck. Problem is that since the communist regime took hold there's no information on the nationalists from there. Ill report back though as its going to be a great story, I can feel it in my waters!
  2. Hi Guys, Long time, no see! Ill have to fill you all in on the adventures of Coolie sometime soon. Im doing some research for my new boss on her grandfather, a fairly high ranking Air Force officer for the Chinese nationalists. Any ideas where to look? Books, websites, people etc etc... Standby for the gory details Coolie
  3. Requesting cutaway of Wine and Food Transport device also
  4. I use Parafilm for mine. Stretch it over the canopy and then cut along the frame edge before painting. Works very well, although time consuming...although which methods dont? http://cgi.ebay.com/32x4inch-PARAFILM-MODE...4QQcmdZViewItem
  5. Nice mate. And nice to see the Aussie goodness
  6. Looks great mate. That spinner painting method is really good...made it look easier than it was I bet
  7. Coolie


    You forgot what else a "Map Of Tassie" is in Oz Matty Yes Im from Oz too...But the big smoke part...Sydney...
  8. So I'm not allowed to disagree without copping 17 pages of barely coherent nonsense and then an insult? ok... Matty, why are you still at work? I know you were going nuts while in recovery but this is crazy.
  9. I think you are mistaking "Happy with your purchase" for "Bargain" Jay...If you think that you are happy to pay the money even though its a bit much...then its not a Bargain
  10. 170 bucks before decals & shipping! Come on, thats not a bargain...might be the cheapest the manufacturer can do but you cant give that the thumbs up as a steal.
  11. Minimum 130 bucks AUD is a bargain??? if you buy any aftermarket stuff this is going to go through the roof!
  12. Hmm yeah your right...much colder though...desert = cold...still cant get used to that heehee You cant compare a corncob corsair to the king of weird heehee
  13. September Fury won with 480 odd MPH...nice win And no inlines finished! There is some great photos on the official website, including from the upcoming movie http://www.airrace.org/galleryTop.php
  14. Finally a good movie about Reno The coverage is really crap this year...scrabbling for info...
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