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1/32 Focke Wulf Fw190D-9

Tudor Gh

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This is my first "In-progress" thread, and my first 1/32 build at the same time. After receiving all the necessary aftermarket for this plane, I decided to post this thread and to share my progress.

The Focke Wulf Fw190D-9 is my personal favorite plane, and I am planning to build a model as close to perfection as possible, and to enter with it in this year's IPMS Vancouver exhibition. So here it is:


The base kit is Hasegawa's ST19 (08176) Focke Wulf Fw190D-9 Yellow Tail.


The aftermarket products which will be used include:


Eagle Editions Cockpit Set, Corrected Gun Cowling (3-piece) and Tail Wheel + Yoke

MDC Fw190D-9 Exhausts and Wheel Set

Quickboost Fw 190D Gun Barrels

Eaglecals "Doras of the Galland Circus"


Also, I will be using MDC's riveting tool to simulate rivets on this model. I will be trying to count them!

References to be used include Jerry Crandall's two volumes on the Dora, as well as Squadron's Walkaround #10 "Focke Wulf Fw190D" and Aero Detail #2 "Focke Wulf Fw190D".


As a Luftwaffe model collector, I know it's a MUST to have a JV 44 bird in the collection, so here it comes :D

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Ok, so here are some pictures of the engine insert, with extra plumbing, wires, hydraulics lines and such. Reference pictures were used to simulate (as accurate as I can) where these lines start and end. The firewall was painted with RLM 02, and the engine parts where painted with ALCAD II Steel, Flat Black and German Silver. Raw Umber was dry-brushed to simulate dirt and weathering.











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Tudor we'll see you at the 1/32 table t Vancouver...I'm currently back dating the Hasegawa 190 A-5 to an A-3 in the group build "trip to Russville"...but the Dora has always caught my eye.Nice work you've done so far sir and welcome to LSP...cheers

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Ok, so with school and work, I have managed to make some more progress on the project! It's the photo-taking and editing that I am rather slow with, but here they are:


Cockpit: Eagle Editions' superb Dora pit, with so much detail, I felt sorry it was eventually hidden when I enclosed it in the fuselage. Painted with RLM 66, details with German Silver, Yellow, Red and seat with a mixture of tan and/or brown. The dial decals were used, but the bottom ones broke, so I dry-brushed instead. The top ones were lucky to survive.











Now, the riveting!! The MDC riveting tool is amazing, that's all I can say. With patience and time, the results are very convincing!










So far, I've spent about 11 hours on the engine, 25 hours on the cockpit and fuselage, and 3 hours on the riveting!

More to come, soon!



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It is a single-punching tool: it as a pin with a circular head, and with a wooden handle, you can put in a lot of force. The resulting rivet actually looks like a flush, round rivet.



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Since my last update, I have managed to squeeze in some time between work and school to finish the riveting. I have no clue how many rivets I have punched in, but I know it's a 4-digit number. :)


Here are a few pictures:












Special thanks to MDC and their amazing tool!


Now onto my favorite part: airbrushing!



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"Impressive.............MOST impressive."



LOL :lol: Movie references.......


Looks killer Tudor. Very inspirational. I dont know if I would ever have the patience for that much riveting time. :unsure:






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