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Is anyone planning to convert the PAC Fw190

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That's Fw190A-4, not a Skyhawk!!


one of my (many) lined up projects is an A-4 in worn whitewash with black patches painted on - don't have my spreadsheet on this laptop so can't give you pilot details, but it's a JG54 machine from memory, and there is a full page profile in Osprey's 190 Eastern Front Aces


so, assuming all the changes needed are the tail top (is that it??) and assuming you are offering, then yes, i'm up for one!


if i have misinterpreted your post, i offer a wholehearted "oops"




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This '190 winter scheme is hard to beat, in my opinion:




It always reminds me of a calico cat:



[credit: http://cats.about.com/od/catspicturecalend...ery/Phantom.htm ]


I'm posting the '190 scan above under the standard "Fair Use"conditions, which I trust everyone here will respect.


Charles Metz

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I plan on doing at least one A-4. Of course, with the line waiting in my stash right now it will be awhile. lol

That would be a killer scheme Mr. Metz, I might just have to do one like it.


Cheers & fun modeling,


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I may well be interested. If the PCM A-1,2,3 costs the same as the Hurricane - it'll be somewhat less than buying a Has 190A-5 (£30-ish) and the Montex A-3/4 conversion (£35-40-ish).


As Nick says, I'd be interested in one if you have spares.





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