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There would have been 3 topside colors (not counting the snake), plus some rlm 65 on the rudder.

Apparently the sand was Italian (according to the time frame of the photos) plus the 70/71.

In this photo the spots on the snake look darker than the Italian sand.




There were apparently at least 2 snake a/c, T6+AN (red 'A') and T6+BP (yellow 'B').

It has been surmised (by experts :D ) that the snake was a recognition marking

for flight leaders and therefore there could have been more than 2 and that it would have

been carried on both sides.






...for whatever that's worth.

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Human psychology here?

Why build a snake motif so ornate, which needs to be seen ? And then paint it with an old tin of Italian paint ( not often done on flufwaffe birds) in muddy reddy brown? Rubbish! Paint it big fat red! Why else would you paint a giant snake on an obsolete aircraft for flips sake.



Pink would be better. Noone really knows!

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Aaah what is the correct colour scheme ??


The latest thinking from different forums that I have visited is that the 2 known Stukas's

where sand coloured and not red ;)

Though looking at he below photo, god knows how peaple have worked that one out ??


Now as to the snake being painted on both sides or one side only, I personally think it

was only painted on one side, because the German propoganda ministry where big on taking

photos, and I belive if it where painted on both sides they would have documented it somewhere :(


Thats just my thoughts, but if anybody has any more ideas please pass them on.


But for now mines going to be sand coloured and on one side only. Plenty of time to change if need be. :(





For what its worth, I agree with you. I really doubt it was red, it does not show dark enough in the photos. It could be slightly darker than the base sand, but it is definitely lighter than the green. So my thinking it is a slightly darker sand than the camo color, possibly because it is fresher - not as faded? I have no idea on the 2 sides vs. 1 side debate, could be either, no pics known (yet). Another one of those Holy Grails of WWII research.

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Ok let building commence ---- Whopeeee.


Are you going to copy the squiggle pattern on the spinner? Ouch!


Gonna try Dr Dave, gonna try.


Heres the finished circuit breaker panel, just needs painting

and some labels adding.




Any comments or suggestions, please fire away.


Cheers: Martyn.

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Right hand side, rear.


Moulded on Relays ? removed. Fashioned new ones from plastic sheet and

brass off cuts.

Another junction box added under the relays. Some of the info I have has this junction box

and others have'nt, so tossed a mental coin, and in it went :lol:



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And the last post for now, handles and attachment points added to the battery,

again from offcuts off brass and wire.




Thats it for now, any comments or suggestions, please pass them on.





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Bit more progress, interior painted RLM02, (No RLM66 left in my stash :rolleyes: )


Straps fitted to the battery, wire looms added and extra knobs and switches

added in various places.










Please excuse my photo skills, I can not seem to get the lights correct. :rolleyes:


More to come,





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That's looking really nice Martyn! The cables make a nice extra touch....


Thanks Dave, appreciate that :lol:


Just a quick update, panel nearly finished,




Started work on the pilots seat, and also started on the engine construction.


Maybe daft question, but what general base colour where the engines usually painted ?





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