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  1. Arrived by post today from Wonderland models one very happy bunny
  2. Hi all, Finished a couple of weeks ago, built straight out the box, used some home made masks for the national markings and band round the fuselage.
  3. Alan, Put me down for one set please, Regards Martyn.
  4. Thanks Phil, Tomek ---- the lens system ---- it works a treat ----- Thanks.
  5. Closer view of linkages Pilots seat fitted And final picture, shamelessly copied Phils method of making lenses for the underwing lights. Thanks for looking, any comments welcome Cheers, Martyn.
  6. Thanks Anthony. Bit more wiring added, and 3 lamp switches made up and fitted. Extra wire bundle added on right hand side cockpit wall Floor pan fitted and connecting rod from the throttle box to torque arm linkages fitted.
  7. Looking better and better Phil, Maybe a daft question, but what paint do you use for primer ? Regards Martyn
  8. Outstanding Max, that really is different, and great fun to watch. Regards Martyn
  9. Like it Phil, its really coming on great. Look on the bright side, at least it will be nice and warm where your working
  10. Max, I'm with the others here, I just like the look of a well weathered aircraft, and personally I think you have got the finish on this one spot on. I hope mine turns out nearly half as good. Regards Martyn.
  11. Matt, Max and Phil, thanks for the encouragment fellas, hopefully there will be more to come soon.
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