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F-4J Phantom II

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A small update tonight with some of the details getting finished up:


The re-fueling probe:



Drop tanks weathered and installed:



Air brakes and other doors installed:



I may actually finish this thing yet!

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I realized there's a contest near me on Feb 9th (your club, isn't it Randy?) that I might try to enter this in just for a dose of humility.


Yup, that's our show - up in Petaluma at the Community Center. Bring it on in, the more LSP stuff the better... :rolleyes: It looks great, I want to see it in person!


I won't be entering anything, but I'll be wearing my LSP Staff shirt. I'm making the name tags for the club members and running around a lot. :) (from vendor table to vendor table... :rolleyes: )

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All of the underwing stores have been installed, so it's down to getting the seats in, a flat coat and attaching the canopies and she'll be done!


In the meantime, some eye candy!








Sorry, couldn't help myself! :P

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HI Oh That's really looking great and I can't wait to see her finished. I do like the paint scheme in the VF84 markings. Cool

Wish I was that far along with the old Cat but hay I am getting there.


Texas :P :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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A couple of teaser shots before I can get something set up to try for much better pictures because, with the tiny exception of two small bits to attach:








I can't thank all of you enough for the constant support and motivation. I can even overlook all the parts I know I screwed up.....


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Fantastic work Dave.... so what's next?


Thanks Ole. Next? Well, there's the Spitfire Mk.Vb I'm doing for the Under 50 Group Build that I'm pretty anxious to actually dig-in to. Or the 1/32 C.205 Macchi that I've threatened to start but haven't really touched yet. I'll also be doing a Ju87G Stuka for the upcoming Luftwaffe Group Build which starts on the 16th. ;) I just sorta realized... That's a lot, innit?

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Some slightly better final shots. The rest will go into the Gallery. And this weekend I'll probably be at the Home store buying stuff to make up some sort of photo table since the $10.00 solution tonight is only marginally better than the cluttered table. ;)






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