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REVELL Phantom..........technical challenge


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Hy guys, back on the block! :lol:


Badly infected by the "jet-bug" I started my next project this week, this time a RF-4E/F in a stunning paintsheme. Surely this bird will be a cutaway ( what else) with massive cutaway-areas even down to the engines!

..................and yes, the engine will work :lol: ( means starboard J-79 compressor wheels will work)


step 1: cutaway opening of the starboard fuselge is removed / milled out.

As you can see the opening goes from near the jet-intake to the aft fuselage shortly before the vertical stab...................lots of interior and technical stuff in this beast ( am I nuts :lol: )


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next step: construction of the J-79 powerplant.

Unfortunately this kit has no engines so...............scratchbuilders delight.

A plastic tube in right diameter was used for this, a little motor ( fits perfectly) is inserted, compressor wheels, handmade from aluminium, are mounted on a brass axle.

The front-end will be inserted into the engine-intake / kit part which is already mounted on the mainframe , so ( if it works right) the whole thing can be inserted/ removed, this is planned for better handling while filling this bird with all its ribs and frames.


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test fit of engine: inserted into the intake, fits like a glove! :lol:

Most trickiest part of this work is to get the compressor wheels mounted exactly on the axle and the motor to get the thing work without too many vibrations.


electrical stuff done, so the "interior-party" can start :lol:


to be continued, enjoy


Chris "the ripper"


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You sir, are a very sick puppy :lol: :lol:

Why not go the whole hog and fuel it up.....


Seriously though, thats a very neat piece of work. How did you get the compressor blades to align perfectly.

(I have trouble getting three prop blades aligned properly :lol: )

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The Ripper strikes again! :lol:


A tremendous start, but there's a massive fault: I miss the static flow directing blades inside the engine :lol:


Just joking, will be interesting to see what it will all contain :lol:

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Good Lord!!! :o :o :o The ripper strikes again!!!! When will this maddeness end???? :lol: :lol: On a more serious side an interesting development here. A worth chanellege for a man of your talents :P :D

Looking forward to seeing more.


Hacker :lol: B)

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Hi Chris...great work like all have said :blink:



How did you make the compressor blades so they have such a uniform stagger?...that is, the blades on the one disc.

What holds the compressor blades to the shaft to keep them spinning evenly relative to each other?


What works as a spacer between the compressor blades to kepp them from banging into each other?


It looks spectacular :D


Cheers Matty

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Thanx for your nice comments guys, I knew you´ll like it! :blink:


Update: starboard-engine intake modified ´cause the engine-cutaway will include intake area of the J-79, done by simple plastic sheet ( although a bit tricky to bend)


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testfit.................the starboard fuselage-half is now glued to the kits belly/main-wing part to give the fuselage a bit of strengh while building the ribs and spars, to prevent from any wrong shapes and tensions when fuselage halfes are glued together


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