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  1. As ever Edgar, help of a quality kind. Thanks indeed.
  2. ....from the IFF with the fixed wire from fuse to tailplane, to the underwing dipole in Mk IXs? More specifically did JEJ EN398 have one or the other?. I initially thought that looking at the photograph from the starboard side that has JEJ stood roughly where the roundel is that it couldn't be cable to the tailplane as he was in the way, but having recreated as close as I can the pose with a spare figure I'm not so sure. I'm also uncomfortably aware that the limits of the photographic resolution on this photo wouldn't necessarily show the wire either. Regards,
  3. As well as cost differential there is also the other up side to the hobby in that my girlfriend always knows where I am, and doesn't have to worry about the possible late night/early morning call from the local copper/doctor/priest informing her that I have been arrested/assaulted/killed by one of the aforesaid troglodytes which seem to have taken over the towns and villages after midnight these days. Her happy little smile and regular cups of coffee shows she appreciates the hobby too. Even get kits for free as birthday/christmas pressies too. Think she's a keeper.
  4. 1/24 Boulton Paul Defiant, Macchi MC200/202 for starters. Dewoitine D520 maybe. And if Airfix want to follow up on their big twin, maybe a Blenheim..... Mk I and Mk IV of course.
  5. Gotta love it. Impressed with the frames detail. Verrry nice.
  6. Hi Derek, Must have missed that thread. It's hard keeping track of what I've seen. I;ll not hijack this thread with questions and nip over there instead. Top idea though.
  7. Just seconding Derek here. There are very few 24th scale extras for anything out there, even the spit. For instance I only know of one conversion set from Heritage Aviation to turn Airfix MkV to a MkIX (which I hope to be getting for my b'day). And as for general extras - new wheel wells for the gaping holes that exist for the old Airfix moulds would be nice. Gunsights (clear plastic blobs as supplied with the old Airfix kits.) Bomb racks for spits and hurris. And why for the love of bunting no-one does a trolley acc in 32/24 scale I'll never know. I think MDC/Warbirds used to
  8. AndyB

    B 17

    Superb Graham. I remember watching your build of the Heritage Mossie I think it was a while back. Hoping to build up something in vac myself one day, so it's interesting to see how it goes.
  9. Only real issue that caused me a minor coniption was the oft discussed sit up and beg windscreen. The kit builds quite nicely and the cockpit film dials are a big improvement on the airfix clear plastic offerings. Wheel wells too! It's been a while since I built it but I thouroughly enjoyed it. No fit issues anywhere.
  10. Decent gun sights for any of the early the Airfix 1:24 kits plus wheel wells would be a starter. And I've noted this before, but a trolley acc for 1/24 or 32nd would probably go down a bomb with the diorama fans. Sway braces for the hurribombers/spitbombers too, although I'm fond of making my own.
  11. Well, We can sometimes be quick to slag off poor customer service, so I thought I'd better advertise one company that seems to be willing to go the extra mile. Last week I tried to order 1/24 RAF roundel masks from adastra masks in Canada, but there was a problem with the email link in the customer delivery form, which I reported. Turned out to be an issue with the third party payments company, and I was thanked for the information. No worries, says I, I'll try later in the weekend. I was then told that if there were any further problems to let them know and they would phone me
  12. Thanks Edgar, I was hoping you might be on forum with a reply. As the final digit on the photos of QV-B is obscured by wing it could certainly be something else, and as I doubt very much that I have spotted something that has been missed after all these years I'm going to go with 4179 as QV-H. Thanks again
  13. I'm trying to sort out my own confusion with regards to the aircraft flown by George Unwin during a short period in BoB. X4179 was transferred in to 19 squadron as part of the job lot swap from the early Mk1b cannon armed spits to 8 gun Mk 1a, on the 13th Sept 1940 I believe, and all reports and quite a few illustrations show Unwin fling as QV-H on 15th Sept in serial X4179. Unfortunately I've also seen some photo evidence of a Spitfire purporting to be X4179 (definitely seems to be 417* anyway), which was flown by a Francis Brinsden a little later in the month, but the codes are only partiall
  14. Nice eye for the little touches that lift a model above the ordinary. I particularly like the pilots notes/manual on the seat.
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