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F-35B swivelled nozzle

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can the F-35B be parked engine off with the exahust nozzle swivelled down?


I saw almost all the models kit of F-35B in this configuration, but I can't find any pics of the real jet in this "pose"... only with the exhaust nozzle doors open but the nozzle itself is in the normal flight position.


Thanks in advance for any reference about it.




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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Grunticus said:

I don't know (and also found no photos proving it), but it seems illogical since they mosty have to taxi after touchdown. Mot sure if it could with the nozzle down.


That's exactly what I always thought.


And if it is confirmed, it means that all the F-35B models, in any scale, that I have seen done in "parked mode" with the exhaust nozzle swivelled downwards are wrong... beautiful, impressive, but fundamentally wrong.




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