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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, time to build this 109 up, going to represent this one: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/Late "Gustav" "Double Chevron" II./JG 3 "Udet" Schiphol, Netherlands, November 1943 Major Kurt-Werner Brändle Kurt-Werner Brändle (19 January 1912 – 3 November 1943) was a German Luftwaffe military aviator during World War II, a fighter ace credited with 180 enemy aircraft shot down in over 700 combat missions. The majority of his victories - 155 - were claimed over the Eastern Front. he was killed in action west of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
  2. Most are familiar with the fuel line with a clear section in the cockpits of drop tank equipped Bf109s. Should it be clear, though ? It occurs to me that if the drop tank has fuel in it the sight glass should be fuel coloured. 80 Octane: A3 - Light Blue colour, 87 Octane: B4 - Dark Blue colour , 100 Octane: C3 - Dark Green colour. Thoughts?
  3. hello, my last new built : voila voila !
  4. Some may remember this short thread from 2009: Hungarian Bf109G-14 Otherwise looking a bit like this: I wasn't happy with a number of things in that build so I put it next to my Trumpeter 1/24 P-51D on the Shelf of Doom and moved on to other 109's and P-51D's. When this Group Build materializd I thought I might as well see what I could see about resurrecting it since I have wanted to build this scheme from the first day I saw it waaayyyyy back in IPMS Quarterly Volume 6 Number 2, March 1971, which I still possess. Many, if not all, of these details I have done before and if you've followe
  5. My last project of 2016, and I wasn't even sure if I would get it done before the end of the year. But here it is: Inspired by the many photos of downed Me 109's in the Libyan desert late 1941. I wanted to depict a scene with a Bf109 being 'pillaged' by british troops in a desert setting. So this is how it turned out: A Bf 109G-2 Trop with the engine and armament covers removed, bend propellers and some of the hatches and the canopy removed. The oil is leaking from the damaged engine that brought the plane down... A British wireless vehicle (Humber 8 cwt) with its crew, has stopp
  6. Additional pictures. More details now. Thank you, Alex.
  7. Quick question: I have previously been building my aircraft in-flight to hang from my ceiling due to lack of shelf space, but that is coming to an end once I finish the new display cabinets in my office. So, how should the trailing edges look for one of these birds on the ground? I have looked online but there seems to be no definitive look. Is it up to how I want it to look? Period photos mostly indicate everything is up in the neutral position while most museum shots (and it seems most kit builds) have it all hanging loose - should I shoot for the middle ground? What gives? Okay, so not
  8. Hi, Here is my last finish build. It was my "summer build", as for summer holidays i wanted to build a simple model, almost OOB, fast and simple. I have already unsprued most of the parts while on a journey and thought it would be very fast to then glue and paint it. But it wasnt so fast. I firstly very enjoyed the new Revell kit, as the OOB details are pretty good in the cockpit and wheel bays. But when i started to build it, i understood why there was so much critics about the strange engineering. Yes it's strange and sometime quite silly (mutiple parts gear legs, joints to be filled onl
  9. I've started fidgeting around with my revell G10 Erla and the brand new Alley Cat 109H conversion (meant for the G6), The intent behind this build is to have some fun and possibly annoy the 109 purists at the same time. I need some inspiration to get stuck in to this build, even at this stage - Help me find a fun paint scheme for this bird, it does not need to be German or even historically accurate. Basically anything but hello kitty! Once I really get stuck into the build, I'll start a post on the In Progress board. In the meantime I wanted to share a pic of roughly how this will look
  10. Yup, after defeating Costa Rica in the WC Soccer quarter final I have finished this build! No pics yet, but tomorrow I will make some beauty shots for you all. It's 2 AM here now so i need to get some sleep first. Cheers! With my Sparrow build nearly completed (you can find it here if interested: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=47233&hl=) I started a new build. This time the Cyber-hobby BF109E-3. It's a beautiful kit to build, with no major flaws. Since the kit is practically engineered to show of the engine, that's exactly what I decided to do. The bu
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