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Found 16 results

  1. We take a look at the latest decals from Fantasy Printshop - a really interesting mix of Messerschmitt Bf 109E subjects. Have fun! Iain
  2. Hi Guys, Back with another model that I probably won't ever finish. it's Eduard's new 1/32 Taifun and its not a bad kit at all. Super thin and clear transparencies - optional one piece closed or multi part open. Optional Interior layout and option wheel styles. Lots of colour etch, masks and an optional resin propeller. So out of the box it's pretty good. The etch fret has a full complement of seat belts which is good considering the size of the canopy. First job always for me is to snip out the major parts and have a look-see. Does it have the look and feel of
  3. Just finished this one. This was on the shelf of doom for quite a while. I had purchased the kit for quite cheap and, due to the shape issues of the kit, it ended up being the last Bf 109 in my kit stash, so I figured I would go ahead and build it. However, I managed to destroy the canopy/windscreen parts before completion and also started to be really annoyed by looking at the shape issues, so I just shelved it. I finally decided to use a vac canopy from my spares and modify it to fit. I also sanded down the huge sharp corners that come off the trailing edge of the wing root fairing, into the
  4. Hello friends Being the first jet fighter jet in the world to enter service, my duty had to be to have it in my collection. Although it was late his introduction in service could have recovered the air supremacy for the Luftwaffe in the Second World War. The model is from the Revell brand at 1/48 scale. Greetings and I hope you like mates
  5. This is representation of Erla-built Bf 109G-14 "Black 13" from15./JG5 at Kjevik, Norway in 1945. All A.M.U.R. Reaver sets, such as spinner & airscrew, cowling and oil cooler fairing with radiator mesh were used. The plane had late-war finish with several shades of RLM76 on lower surfaces and 75/82 on top.
  6. I lost interest to continue my Revell Fw 190 built and to not lose my modeling mojo altogether, I decided to build another Bf 109. In the end this model should represent a Bf 109 G-6/AS in the colours of Friedrich-Karl Müller from Nachtjagdgruppe 10. Inspiration for this built comes from the blog FalkeEins (http://falkeeins.blogspot.de/2012/08/hans-dittes-ex-hispano-bf-109-g-10.html) and the corresponding very good colour profile from Mr. Hjortsberg. As there is no specific G-6/AS available I try to convert the Hasegawa G-10. I started with the G-10 cockpit set from aires, replacing the Re
  7. Happy new year, everyone. I'm ringing in 2018 by wrapping up a build that's been on my bench since September. If you've followed my slow build thread, "Messerschmitts of North Africa," you have followed the progress of this slow, but steady Bf-110E-2 build and, its desert companion, the Bf-109F-4. This is Cyber Hobby's kit 3209 and represents a -110 of 7./ZG26 in Italy. Yep, I know I said it was Messerschmitts of North Africa. I was planning on doing a different paint scheme for a North African bird, but my kiddo liked the yellow cowls of the Italian theater, so I figured I'd do it up
  8. So here's the finished article, up for scrutiny. Gulp!! Link to the build is here for anyone interested. Thanks for taking the time to have a look, any comments, criticism etc. is always welcome
  9. As my participation in the Between the Wars GB from last year was a bit of a letdown, I like to have another go this year building a 1/32 scale kit. I choose the Cyber Hobby Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-3 kit in the markings of the 21st Squadron (Fliegerkompanie 21) of the Swiss Air Force (Schweizer Fliegertruppe). The picture was taken during Summer 1940 at Emmen Air Base. J-377 has the large fuselage Swiss cross introduced in April 1940, but still the roundels under the wings from when the aircraft was delivered (J-313 behind it has the square underwing wakings introduced at the same t
  10. Here's my Me 262 A-1a Kit: Revell Scale: 1/72 Replacement parts: the starboard engine is a resin part by CMK. While this part is very nicely detailed, it leaves a sizeable gap at the joint between the engine and wing. To fill in the gap, I used generous amounts of Tamiya putty. After lots of wet sanding, the gap was gradually filled in and smoothed. It took a lot of elbow grease, though! The canopy is by Rob Taurus. It's very clear and looks great. In contrast, the canopy supplied by the kit is thick, a poor fit, and has no framing. Scratch-built details: epoxy (wheel bay and inter
  11. I was in need of more glue and visited the nice LHS. Got this stuff for 50$ Need to dig for references as there are one or two options on the sprues. This build is started but doesn't have priority. I have a bunch i need to finish first.
  12. Have you ever been looking through a book, or perhaps surfing the net and come across a photo(s) of an airplane that just grab you and make you say to yourself, "I MUST build that!"? Well, this is exactly what happened to me with this build. Earlier this year, I was searching around the web for photos of a suitable scheme for the Dragon 1/32 scale Bf 110C-7 kit that was in my stash. My intentions were to build a day-fighter with this earlier variant of the type, saving a nightfighter scheme for a possible 110G-4 kit/conversion. However, when I found this one photo, everything changed. I knew i
  13. Hello everyone, This is my Me 262 by Academy. The markings and paint scheme represent "Black 4." This Me 262 served with JG7 and was found abandoned at an airfield in Prague. The decals are mostly from Cutting Edge. I used Tamiya paints, including AS 23(light green), AS 24 (dark green),and AS 5 (light blue). Based on my interpretation of the black and white photos and commentary I've read about "Black 4," I went for an overall RLM 83 upper-surface. For the replacement nose section,I tried to make it look like a very light shade of RLM 76. I sprayed multiple coats of Tamiya AS5 and TS 27 (
  14. Last one for today, I promise. . . Here we have the fiddly and complex Trumpeter Me.262B-1a/U1. Although a bit of a slog to build that fights you in many areas, it really does build up into an impressive rendition of the legendary Swallow. Kit is OOB except for BarracudaCast wheels and Master Models radar antenna. Finish is RLM 76 with 75 spots over black using Model Master enamels. Please feel free to share any comments or criticism. That's how we get better! -Daniel S. Westminster, CO
  15. There are new prop and supercharger intake for late models, such as 109G-10 and 109K. This airscrew have late type broad chord blades and suitable for Hasegawa and Revell 109's. Supercharger intake intended for Hasegawa's Bf109K/G-10 and for our future G-6AS conversion and G-10 correction set for Revell sets.
  16. Yup, after defeating Costa Rica in the WC Soccer quarter final I have finished this build! No pics yet, but tomorrow I will make some beauty shots for you all. It's 2 AM here now so i need to get some sleep first. Cheers! With my Sparrow build nearly completed (you can find it here if interested: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=47233&hl=) I started a new build. This time the Cyber-hobby BF109E-3. It's a beautiful kit to build, with no major flaws. Since the kit is practically engineered to show of the engine, that's exactly what I decided to do. The bu
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