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  1. 'Morning ladies and gents, lads and lassies, Let me give it to you, straight. The Mustang was never one of my favorites. Something to do with the snobbish side of me, never wanting to love a plane everybody loves to love. It's sooo uncool to like a pretty face, right? That is until some months ago, when stranded in a foreign land and estranged from my trusty desk and rusty tools, all that was left for me to do was some virtual modelling on the internet. That is when I read about a new Revell release associated in some way with Radu Brinzan. I knew the name and respected the modeller. I
  2. This is a real long shot, but I have been told that LSP folks can produce miracles. My uncle (now deceased) was Henry Rudolph, and he flew P-51D's in WW2 for the 354th FG, 353rd FS. He arrived sometime in 1944 after the D-model was becoming prevalent. He was shot down once, but (rather miraculously) returned to base in France. The aircraft he appears to have flown at war's end was a P-51D-20 serial number 44-63865, buzz letters FT-J. This may or may not have been his personal mount. Historical accounts show that aircraft assigned to him only. According to him, he named this aircraft "Si
  3. Aside from all of the prep work I've been doing, the following has taken a long time to evolve to get to this stage. Hopefully future efforts will move along more quickly. Otherwise I may miss the deadline. I reworked the right and left edges. The rod goes into the edgework of the instrument panel. I needed to trim away the sidewall structure under the rod so the rod would set properly when the sidewall was dryfitted to the floor/i.p. assembly. The insulation is from a solid core wire. I threaded .5mm wide insulation onto stripped wire taken from a hard drive parallel d
  4. It has begun. Took me about a year, but finally got started. This will be Duchess Arlene and the intent is to bring it to Nationals in Chattanooga. We'll see if it goes on the contest table or the club table, or the Display table. We all know the box: And here is the aftermarket of which I'll be using bits and pieces - mostly for the cockpit. I have some duplicates (Brassin and Barracuda and tires for one) so am looking to mix and match. Mustangs were supposedly known for having mismatched tires (although I've seen very few pictures of that). I've already
  5. Happy to announce an accurately shaped and detailed 1/24 scale P-51D Mustang upper cowling is now available for your Airfix kits. This model replaces the Airfix's kit's inaccurately shaped upper cowling parts. The cowling is 3D-printed in gray resin. It was designed from original North American Aviation blueprints ensuring an accurate shape and detailing.
  6. Hi guys, I finally finished this one Overall it's nice kit and great value for such a low price. painted with Mr. Color, Alclad II and Mr. Paint, weathering done with MIG prod. and AMMO of Mig Jimenez stuff. AM used: Eduard interior and exterior sets Brassin wheels and prop Zoukei Mura decals HGW seatbelts You can find WIP thread here thanks for looking and all comments are welcome jan
  7. Seeing all the good work here on the Revell Mustangs and having got my research pretty much together it is time to start on Lou IV, in the Blue/Green scheme uncovered by Dana Bell. I know some folks here don't see it, but I do so that's good enough for me. Thanks to Dana for sharing his hi-res scan with me (this is a low-res version) so I can try and gauge colors (along with the research others have done on the possible sources of the blue paint). I have both kit and aftermarket decals for the Lou IV but pretty much going OOB, (I figure the color scheme alone will be enough to dis
  8. Hi guys, Now that I finally picked up a Revell P-51D kit at Nats, I'm researching the plane I'd like to build, but I could use a little help. I want to depict the plane of a pilot named Major Donald A. Larson, 505th FS, 339th FG, KIA 4 August, 1944 in Germany. Major Larson was from my hometown, so I'd to make his plane. I'm able to find out that the last plane he flew, and was shot down in, was a P-51D (#44-13881), named "Mary Queen of Scotts", after Mary Scott, his girlfriend. His radio code was 6N-B. This picture is bit fuzzy, but this is the plane: And a plane w
  9. Hi guys and gals, I'm contemplating building another P-51D this time from the Pacific or China theater. I know there were some differences in equipment – notably radio and navigation – between the machines used in Europe and those used on the Pacific front. I can also use some input about the F-6D/K recce variant. Will you Mustang fans and experts care to give me some pointers? Thanks a bunch, Quang
  10. Hi gents, I'm currently working on the Revell P-51D-5NA kit and would need your expertise concerning the following detail. This early version of the P-51D still had fabric-covered elevators and rudder. As far as I know, fabric-covered areas usually had drain holes to evacuate humidity trapped inside the surfaces and prevent them from rotting. My question is: did such drain holes exist on the Mustang? Where were they located? Thank you very much for your help. All the best, Quang
  11. So for those with the actual kit in hand, and especially those who have built the kit, what is your take on Revell's job on their early Mustang? Some reviews say its terrific and the build threads here show some amazing detail especially in the cockpit. One of the new vendors here has posted his resin parts with descriptions of how bad various kit parts are, especially the flaps (which may or may not be a problem with individual kits so perhaps a production quality consistency issue?) and now the engine cowling as well as the machine gun fairings. I have the kit, have not opened i
  12. Guys, I'm building the new Revell Mustang (like everyone 🤓) and am enjoying it so far until... ...a few days ago I lost the after-deck part to the carpet monster. I've sent Revell a request for a replacement but I don't count too much on it. So I decided to replicate it in plasticard. Looks like it's not too complicated to do. But then I need to understand what I'm trying to replicate, details like the part in silver and the engraved semi-circle ... Can you, Mustang experts inform me so that I could go on with my build? Thank you all Quang
  13. Hi everybody, The title says it all, really, are ther any photos to be found (preferably on the internet) of "Flying Dutchman", the P-51D-5-NA from the 31st FG in Italy? Thanks & Cheers, Erik!
  14. As i get ready to start on my Revell build, and with all of the build threads going on here, I thought it would be a good idea to try and capture the collective experience and thoughts of everyone in one place regarding suggested aftermarket bits for the new Revell P-51D. Not looking for commentary on if a suggested AM part is useful or not, but if you have actually used the AM bit, a comment on ease of implementation, gotcha's to look out for, the usual useful advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  15. Work in progress topic: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=63538 I used: - Eduard photoetch and masks - HGW seatbelts - Yahu IP (outstanding!) - Kagero Pacific Mustangs decal set - Brassin wheels I added cables in engine, wheel bays and in cockpit. I made "uncle dog" antennas, but these are not entirely correct, maybe someday i will replace it with good ones from Tamiya Pacific P-51 kit. Kit is remarkable but there are some scratches on diamond surface - wheel bays are full of ejector pins and there is a nasty seam line on a canopy. When you manage with these proble
  16. Since Gaz asked me to add photos of my P-40F, as I was searching my "man-cave", I ran across this build I did a while back: [ [ The kit's pilot was not good as good as a 1/48 scale figure in a Monogram Mustang. But at the time I did this one the very nice AM cockpit and harness detail sets weren't available. [ Once again, since I had no airbrush at the time, it was painted with Testors enamels and MM acrylics, hand bristle brushed.
  17. This set gives the modeler a one piece resin cowl that improves the fidelity of the engraved details. Details that unfortunately are lost in the injection molding operation of kit production, and appear soft or faded out. No need to rescribe or loose detail during building. Easy one cut per fuselage half, along a natural panel line. Has locators to align perfectly. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302649852463?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  18. After finishing one of my other 1/72 projects, today I started on my next big project. A Tamiya 1/32 P-51D Mustang which will be done up as a RAAF 77 Squadron plane, based out of Japan during the early years of the Korean Police Action. I have been collecting a bit of aftermarket for this for a while, though whilst doing so, I'll be using much of the what you see here. I'll be using my Silhouette cutter again for many of the markings. So after spending in the morning pouring over my copy of Mustangs, ADF serials, Large Scale Planes and some other books, I got started. It alwa
  19. On the later model P-51's the battery was sometimes relocated to in front of the oil tank under the engine cowl to make room for more radio gear behind the pilot. I found mention somewhere online that the mounting bracket to do this was included in the Tamiya kit, but due to Photobucket being dicks, there were no photos of what the part was or how it was achieved. Can anyone here assist me with either photos, information or both please. I don't mind scratch building something if its not the case, but I have no idea what the mounting bracket would look like either. Cheers.
  20. Hi, I'm building Tamiya's classic in Pacific outfit. I've added polish Yahu instrument panel, HGW seatbelts, some Eduard Photoetch, my own wires and i will use Kagero decals.
  21. Long overdue posting here, apologies, but finally took a few final pictures. Also put BBD up on the stand as well. This is my first large-scale build having built almost exclusively in 1/48 and starting with the Tamiya P-51D was quite a treat. This is not quite an OOB build, using some Photoetch from Eduard in the engine compartment (and conveniently covered up, UGH!) and the cockpit (ditto - using the pilot figure was probably not my brightest idea ever). The HGW Seatbelts were not easy to get together - for me anyway - but really look good in this scale compared to the nightmare they
  22. Thought of doing something different so purchased one of Tamiya's great P-51D 1/48 scale kits. I found Warbird's set of Thunderbird Decals for the Tamiya 1/48 P-51D which are a beautiful Red White and Blue. Should build up to a nice looking plane. Painted the cockpit white in keeping with a show aircraft and the entire aircraft is MM Metalizer Buffing Aluminum Plate. I really like the Metalizer paints, but you definitely have to watch the fumes so excellent ventilation is mandatory. They shine up nice, and lose a bit of luster once sealed. Still, looks shiny! There is an ongoing
  23. Hi everyone, After a 2 year hiatus, finally coming close to completion. I have been eagerly following everyone's Mustang WIP's for tips, tricks and hints. Thanks so much everyone for sharing as it has made 'reentry' so much easier and I hope I can add to the overall discussion. I am building the Tamiya 1:32 kit, and agree with all the positive comments others have made. I find that if something doesn't fit right, I'm not doing something right. That little bit of wisdom has saved me multiple times. I'm still trying to figure out the livery and have many options, including Big Beauti
  24. Feeling invincible (COMPLETELY tongue in cheek!) on the heels of finally completing my Tamiya Big Beautiful Doll I thought I'd drag out an old Dragon 1/32 P-51D kit, and what better than to do a 'what if' Claire Chennault had P-51Ds available for the Flying Tigers? I have the KitsWorld decal set for the Flying Tigers so am going to do Chuck Older's plane. Unfortunately, could not get my act together fast enough to finish before the end of the year. Recognizing right away the big difference between the two kits, my invincibility cloak fast hit the floor. Doing a 'quick build' I did the
  25. Always wondered what would have happened in the Pacific if the Mustang had shown up much earlier. What if the P-51D had been used by the American Volunteer Group and a new plane showed up in China for the group? Going to use the Dragon 1/32 kit dressed in Flying Tigers colors, Chuck Older's aircraft, and in a departure from most of my builds, will be strictly OOB. Just getting started on the cockpit detail. Ohhh so different from the Tamiya kit! The engine is the bare minimum I think is needed to get the prop and all installed since I'll keep the cowls buttoned up. U
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