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Found 15 results

  1. Finally this build has crossed the finish line - Kit: HK Models Mosquito B Mk IV. My goal was to depict one of the planes used by the RAF Film Production Unit (FPU). These Mosquito's were used to document some of the daring low level operations, mostly done by 2nd TAF. These cameraplanes participated in some of the famous operations against german targets, Gestapo Headquartes, Amiens Prison Break etc... In the beginning these planes were modified, to carry a cine camera mounted in the nose. Later 35 mm handheld camera's were being used and by the summer of 1944 they were fitted with an additional Perspex panel in the nose. This provided more glass for the cameraman, who by now, was moving around the cockpit trying to get footage of the operations. Some of these films can be watched on Youtube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNxLXCZobTk Diorama: December 1944: Mosquito B Mk IV - DZ414 'O' Orange (FPU) is getting ready for a mission. Some of the Pilots are discussing todays mission, the squadron dog is present. An RAAF officer/cameraman, is checking his camera equipment. RAF starter trolley is connected. Fitters are checking and doing some last minute maintenance on the left Roll-Royce Merlin engine. A RAF vehicle (Bedford MWD) has stopped, delivering equipment for the plane. Some additional camera's are loaded for a PR Mosquito. Thanks for watching! Kent Mosquito build: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=61578&hl= Bedford build: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=67154&hl=
  2. Hi Guys, A big parcel arrived today. My mate Alan has sent me a Tamiya Mossie kit to build for him. I've known him since the last century when we both sub-contacted to Honeywell on London's Canary Wharf project and he knows I'm a modelling nutcase. Now I've got my own Mossie but haven't really had a good look at it so when this one turned up I though I'd have a quick peek inside. What did I find? Short answer, super duper fantastic plastic. So I'm going to do a dual build for him and me. There's another parcel waiting for me to pick up tomorrow which has contents unknown, Alan won't tell me exactly what I've let myself in for, so it could be seatbelts, etch, resin. Knowing Alan, it's probably all that and the kitchen sink as well. In a week's time I should have the Trumpeter Mustang tamed then straight into the Mosquito build. I know he would prefer to have his model in RAF markings, the kit has RNZAF, RAAF and Polish (RAF) so a bit of research and maybe cut some masks on the Cameo 3. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. Happy to announce a Beaufighter and Mosquito Airborne Interception Radar Mk.IV equipment set is now available in 1/32 scale. This accurate and highly detailed set of 5 models represents the radar equipment fit to early World War Two-era nightfighters such as the the Bristol Beaufighter NF Mk.I, DeHavilland Mosquito NF Mk.II, Douglas Boston, Havoc Turbinlight and P-70, and Lockheed Ventura PV-1 circa 1941-1943. It was succeeded by the AI Mk.VIII radar beginning in 1943. The AI Mk.IV radar was produced by EMI, Pye and EKCO in the UK, and also built under license by Western Electric in the US, fit to Beaufighters and P-70s operated by US forces. In US service, it was known as the SCR-540. Includes: Control Panel Type 3 Receiver R.3066 Transmitter T.3065B Modulator Type 20 Indicating Unit Type 20/Type 48 (printed inverted to protect cable connections) The models were designed from de-classified Royal Air Force AI Radar Mk.IV equipment manual S.D. 0165 (1) dated July, 1942. "Radar, Airborne Interception, Mark IV, or AI Mk. IV for short, was the world's first operational air-to-air radar system. Early Mk. III units appeared in July 1940 on converted Bristol Blenheim light bombers, while the definitive Mk. IV reached widespread availability on the Bristol Beaufighter heavy fighter by early 1941. On the Beaufighter, the Mk. IV arguably played a role in ending the Blitz, the Luftwaffe's night bombing campaign of late 1940 and early 1941." - Wikipedia. Click here for the Model Monkey catalog of over 250 products for scale modelers.
  4. I had a thoroughly good time building the HK Models Mk. IV Mosquito, with the RFI here: It's a great kit, with a one piece forward fuselage, rear fuselage, and wing, and a great fit. The HK Mossies have been the subject of several criticisms, but to me the most obvious one is the orientation of the nose windows. The top edge of each should be aligned with the top edge of the nose blister: Or a different perspective: Compared to the real aircraft: I know that there have been other criticisms of the HK Mossie kits, but to me this is the most obvious and the only one I will be addressing. With that in mind, I followed the lead of a build on Britmodeller, who adjusted the angle of the windows and swapped the left and right clear parts. Here is my initial work on this: And the subject of my build: The HK Models Mk. IX/XVI kit fortunately has the parts to convert to the PR bird, and I will be making my own markings. Feel free to follow along! Cheers, Tom
  5. Having just completed my What If? Mustang GB, I was planning on getting back to my CT-133 build but this kit just kept staring at me since I picked it up last week. So onto the new cleared bench it went. Most of the bags are open from having posted pics of the sprues in another thread. AM will consist of new seat belts and decals once they come out. Carl
  6. Hi all. Here's my latest project completed. It's a commission build for a black, early Mosquito NFII night fighter from Airfix's excellent 1:24 kit. The all black finish and the night fighter variant, plus the fact its new owner wanted it in "flying" mode means there's not masses to see but it provided a good challenge in the painting, trying to make it look not black while trying to make it look....well, black! The cockpit gave plenty of scope for detailing and fine paintwork but was actually very well detailed OOB. Painting used the "black basing" principle of Doog,s Models, adapted for an all black plane. Link to the build is here: . As ever all comments gratefully received and thanks for taking the time to look.
  7. I have to admit picking which kit to build first for the GB was a bit tricky, but in the end, it's going to be the HK Mosquito IX/XVI with the two-stage Merlins, done up as a Mossie TT.35 target tug with bulged bomb bay doors. I have yet to decide if I will attempt to build the target winch fixture that some photos show, or if I will simply build the plane OOB and slap some bright paint on it. Either way it'll be yellow/black striped undersides with painted aluminum on top. Also undecided yet if it will be a scheme with the added dayglo stripes as seen in the image below. At this stage, the only planned aftermarket are eduard canopy masks and a zoomy cockpit PE, and Barracuda's two Mossie stencil decal sheets. The aftermarket items were ordered yesterday and won't arrive until next week, so I'll start the assembly on the wings and post photos once I get this baby on my workbench later today or tomorrow. Should be a fun one!
  8. My Mosquito project, stalled a bit because of the B-25J "Old Ironsides III" project A lot of research went into this project, getting the details right... Aftermarket...
  9. Hi! I found this interesting video on YouTube mostly about 627 Squadron. The stripes painted on the mosquito around 0:24 seem a bit odd, as the flaps and ailerons did not carry them. Also, I was surprised by the great variety of paint schemes sported by the various Mossies around! Here's the video for those curious to watch:
  10. Here it is, my first WIP thread on this site. I've been back in the hobby for a little over a year after a couple of decades layoff, and have been working in 1/48 exclusively and posting on FSM mostly. This will be my first 1/32 build, and I will be taking it slow since it's such a huge kit. I will be eventually painting and marking her up as one of the Amiens raiders from 464 Squadron. First picture is just the kit in box in my newly reorganized workspace. Also pictured is my brand new homemade spray booth. I think I'm going to start tonight and will post some pics once I begin. I have no hope to produce something of the same quality as some of the amazing threads I read on here, but I hope to have fun and learn a lot. I welcome any and all comments and criticisms - it's the only way to get better! Thanks for having such an inspiring and welcoming forum.
  11. So on my current FB VI Mossie build, I'm planning to do one with the underwing 60lb rockets. I have the Aerobonus ones enroute to me buy I've noticed they don't include the pylons. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be used? I think someone mentioned using pylons from a P-51, would they work? Or would ones from a Typhoon be better? Lastly, any one have any measurements on where they go? Thanks Carl
  12. Hi folks, I've just finished the HK Models Mosquito test shot and submitted my build article/photos to Brett for next month's Military Illustrated Modeller. Such a nice it to build. Non-fussy, and very tactile. An engineering triumph too Here she is, in her cookie incarnation.
  13. As suggested by Ron and Kev, I've started a new thread on the build of my HK Mossie kit so that it'll be easier for everyone to follow. This is going to be built alongside the Tamiya kit. Here it is with its bench mate.
  14. Hi Guys, In the meanwhile I've been working on the new HK Models Mosquito. I haven't shared it here before, because I wanted all the turmoil and negativity that clouded this release to pass over. I'm building this kit out of the box with the only additions being: • ProfiModeller stencil decals • Masks for the markings • HGW seat harnesses • Profi Modeller pitot tube • Metal mesh for the radiator guards It's a lovely kit to build. For my next build I might 3D print new spinners with a slightly more accurate shape. Not because I think it needs it, but because it's fun. Cheers!
  15. Hi gang, Hannants in the UK have the HK models Mosquito in stock. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HKM01E15 £149:99
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