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  1. Really looking forward to watching this one, hope to build a big SH soon too!
  2. Now THAT is how it's done, bravo Matt- she's absolutely STUNNING.
  3. Hadn't thought of that, will look into that one. Thanks for the idea!
  4. Unfortunately, no window down there. Otherwise, a great suggestion!
  5. Thank you Bill for dropping in, good to know it is possible (if not really recommended) as an option. I don't think I have the space for a dedicated spray booth vent, but if that is the only viable option I may have to go that route.
  6. Until now, I have almost exclusively sprayed Tamiya acrylics inside the house, using a Paasche spray booth with the vent leading into the next room of the basement which is mostly unused. I am putting the finishing touches on a new and larger workshop to better accommodate LSP's, and since I am doing some basic upgrades I would like to figure out a way to better vent the fumes from painting. I am also planning to do some more NMF's, so proper venting will be crucial. My new workshop is in the back part of the basement, right next to the washer and dryer. I was looking at the vent for the d
  7. Don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, unbelievably solid build and a masterpiece worthy of the finest accolades! Bravo on an amazing build, this surely is a treat to the eyes.
  8. Nice! Will be following along with this one, had the extreme good fortune of flying aboard Aluminum Overcast a few years ago.
  9. Both the SR-71 and U-2 would convince me to try a vac kit!
  10. Thank you, think I will contact them to see if I can get a set of those. Very impressive build, do you live near Madison?
  11. Awesome build, looks exactly like the one that flies over my house! Where did you get the markings for this one?
  12. Very interesting idea, since this is separate from LSP would 1/48 be allowed?
  13. Gorgeous build, were those markings in the box? How was the kit, have been interested in getting one of these.
  14. Stunning build Matt, really looking forward to seeing more of how you accomplished this. Just won these decals in a raffle here, as I have wanted to model this aircraft for years.
  15. Looking forward to seeing who the raffle winners are - good luck and Merry Christmas everyone!
  16. Very impressive build, hope to try a conversion of the Missouri into the Wisconsin someday.
  17. Thanks for the head's up on this one, I will most definitely get one of these for my next ODS Viper!
  18. Love that sheen to the aluminum, is it foil or paint? Damned fine work.
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