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  1. Exactly what I was looking for, knew SOMEBODY had to make them. Thanks Mike!
  2. Looking to build Tamiya's big F-4J soon, but am not having any luck finding any aftermarket stencil decals. Are there any available out there? TIA!
  3. Gorgeous work Mark, I am a bit envious as I have dreamed of building every one of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds aircraft. You are off to a brilliant start!
  4. I have been wanting to get a couple of those AB sets, couldn't figure out the website. Any other ideas for those of us who do not use FB?
  5. Harold- as soon as the parts done for these, I will have to get a set or two!
  6. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks Jeff!
  7. Bravo Jeff, lovely work here! As soon as I received my decal sheet form Jake, I decided I have to do one of these schemes! Either this one or the Duluth 'bird. What paints did you use for the main color? It looks great, especially in the natural light. Awesome stuff!
  8. Amazingly done Marcel, don't see many of these built up sadly. Yours is an stunning replica, wish I had this one in MY display case!
  9. Hey Jake! 'Bout time we get some new Viper stickers, can't wait for the links to open to get some!
  10. AGREED! Fantastic work as always Dave.
  11. Always love seeing a Scooter built, yours is exceptionally well done!
  12. Oh yeah! Will definitely pick up this one!
  13. I used these on my P-51 build, and they were absolutely the BEST decals I have ever had the pleasure of using.
  14. Looking forward to this one mike, you know how much I love late war 109's!
  15. Bravo Darren, that is a STUNNING example of the old Revell Hurri-bus! Especially considering you began with the old Revell kit which had been tortured by its previous owner. Flawless finish and brilliant photography. I would be proud to display this one in my display case! My hat is off to you, you have really outdone yourself again.
  16. Looking forward to this one, have those decal sheets too and will love watching this one come alive!
  17. Absolutely superb Danny, she is a real treat for the eyes. Bravo!
  18. Stunning work on the office Peter, looks ready to climb into a take her for a spin. Beautiful work!
  19. Very impressive build Danny, if it turns out half as good as the Blackbird family it will be a world class build. Always liked the Streak Eagle, never thought I would be fortunate enough to see one built in 1/32 scale. Never heard of the Sierra Bravo wheels, where did you find those? What are you using for markings for this one?
  20. Damn Peter, haven't looked in here for a while and the first build I see is this! This one looks absolutely gorgeous, especially those underwing stores- WOW!!!
  21. OMG, that is freaking amazing! Unworldly attention to detail, I am amazed by every angle. Though, the 917 would really get my attention too!
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