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  1. Good to see that your future seems to be bright and you are doing well. A pleasure having been your customer! Thanks for great products and first class service!
  2. First of all I have to thank you all for your kind words! Selected pictures of the build will be posted here and on our SPAModeler forum asap. Please be patient for I am attending a model show here in southern Germany the next days, so first pictures should only be available some time later after this. I also try not to show pictures that already are given in the Concept Note book. Thanks for your understanding!
  3. Just posted some pictures here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53174&p=616578
  4. I am thinking about to post some WIP pictures on our SPAModeler forum, as well as here, maybe next week. Busy preparing for the Friedrichshafen model show!
  5. Just a few pictures of my Horten Ho 229, being build for Zoukei-mura´s Concept Note book on this kit. This one here was build from a late test shot, with a very rudimentary assembly manual, no canopy masks and a tight deadline... But for all that it was fun to build it! The detail given on almost all parts is stunning. I did some shots of the finished kit together with my Revell Ju 88A-1 to get an idea of the size of a finished Horten kit. Hope you like it!
  6. It´s not another review of this kit; it is THE review of it! Adam does the best possible job here, all others so far fade against it! I did read it this morning and cannot wait to see his built on The Modelling News!
  7. Thank you Greg! I guess it was the right kit with the right aftermarket, the best support at the right time I could get from Guttorm and some luck when doing the Junkers. I am surprised this not really new build has surfaced here again these days. Wow...
  8. Heartfelt thanks to the "Ju 88 - 188 - 388 master"!
  9. Bill, I cannot see the Horten kit being "out" on the link you provided. The link only mentions the kit to be a "Oct. 2014" release. As given on Zoukei-mura´s website on the Horten the kit will be released on October 25st, 2014, in Japan. I am pretty sure that no retailer will get this kit to be sold at an earlier date. So, it´s not out, but almost. 8 days and counting!
  10. Have seen and relished both articles of this build on Adam´s great site! Nic, you both did such a marvellous job! Heartfelt congrats from Germany! The cartoon is so funny! Any chance to have this one in a larger size?
  11. Thank you very much for sharing those pictures of this beauty, Tony!
  12. Happy to see some good progress on this beauty, John! But feeling sad on your health issues. Wish you a speedy recovery! I really like what I see! Very tempted to get this conversion some day!
  13. No pin marks inside because ZM makes use of ejection nodes on the outside of the wing panel parts. Clever engineering on this one again!
  14. These are the advertisements we got to publish by Zoukei-mura. My best thanks to LSP_Kevin for having me post them here, too! (Images edited due to technical reasons - Wurzacher)
  15. Not exactly. We also got those information and have already published those advertisements yesterday. Indeed ZM is going to offer a Ho 229V7 2-seater conversion for this kit in their SuperWing Option series. To see those ads in a much larger size one can see them here: http://www.spamodeler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9355#p9355 Click the respective picture to see the larger version. We got the full size print versions, so, if there is anything you would like to see even larger I could provide you with detail sections if needed.
  16. Nice new photo setup! I like the new pictures! Will have to look for this iPad apps, I wonder if you also take the pictures themselves with an iPad or iPhone?
  17. Same here. I´ll wait and see. Building other kits meanwhile could be an option.
  18. Mykyb, only propellers sets actually offered (!) on Henri´s ebay shop are indeed available. If there are no G-6 propeller sets offered then they are not available to be ordered. I could imagine he will re-offer them. You will have to re-check his eBay auction later. Remember that he is a one-man shop.
  19. I checked three German shops on this. All having almost the same price but none has the kit in stock. So, for me there still is no "street price" to talk about. On the other hand; I will happily wait for Zoukei-mura´s kit!
  20. Have one or two ZM Mustangs around here. Future projects... Ryan, a pleasure to follow you here!
  21. D Bellis, Ryan took a guess on the release date in his post here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=52184&do=findComment&comment=598014 This is what I gave an answer to. You refer to the date the kit will be shipped to the States. So there is no right or wrong here.
  22. Late October. At least this is mentioned in their ads in modelling mags.
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