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  1. Thanks man! I saw your post! Trumpeter really screwed their kit so bad we can't even use it to correct another kit. :-(
  2. it's too narrow when you mate it to the fuselage. I have one.
  3. Thanks man! I hope to get an idea how big a pill I might be swallowing. :-)
  4. The old revell P-51B is a better point to start a correction, short of owning the Jerry Rutman one. Trumpeter is way off. Even if you graft the resin nose to the Trumpy kit, you still have a problem with the wing shape. I already compared the new revell P-51D as a quick comparison of the accuracy of the lines. Literally, even if the old P-51B had raised lines, they fall almost exactly to the panel lines in the P-51D. I initially considered grafting the revell D nose to the B, but chickened out in trying to destroy a really nice kit.
  5. Yeah! I saw this! Very, very tempted to get one. I just need to see if the trumpeter windscreen would fit. :-)
  6. Now I'm not saying I'm hating on the kit. I ACTUALLY LOVE IT. IT IS ABOUT TIME WE HAD A TRULY ACCURATE LARGE SCALE HELLCAT. But I wish the research on the markings was done a little more thoroughly. Hopefully aftermarket will come up with more markings we can choose from. I plan to partner the kit with my Trumpeter 1/24 A6M2, I plan to build in the future.
  7. Starting with builds in the smaller scale, including looking at profile images, most (I'd say 95%) comes out with early dash 5 variant with the rear windows. That started me digging more information, and looked for the actual aircraft of VF27. On searching, I obviously found the October 1944 image with paper doll just landing on USS Essex after Princeton got severely damaged by a kamikaze attack. Here's the image: Zooming in: Rear window outlined: So I'm in a quandary. I'm considering making my own markings for death and destruction, I'll just scratch the markings; hopefully it should be easy enough.
  8. I hate calling this nitpicking. So a received the 1/24 hellcat as a birthday gift last month. After having time to look over the parts in details, I then checked the markings. I was planning to do Charles Brown Sharkmouth hellcat, since for me, this was fought in the Philippines where I live. I did research on the aircraft, too look for weathering and all of that, but on looking at his plane, is seems to be an early F6F-5 with the quarter panel window at behind the pilot. Am I mistaken?
  9. Like he said, Badger patriot. You can get one at lower prices, and aftermarket support is the best! PS: Also have a Badger Krome and Sotar. :-)
  10. I just celebrated my birthday, and my lovely wife gave me a 1/24 hellcat as a gift! :-) I want to build it as one of Campbell's ride, but after researching, most images are of his dash 5 hellcat with the rear cutout windows, specifically Minsi III. After further readings, it turn out there were 2 Minsi III, the one photographed with 30 kills, and another with 34 kills, named Minsi III also, but he mentioned it was actually, for him, Minsi IV. Does anyone have clear images of the IV version? I'm looking if there were cutout windows on the rear area, or if it was solid like the airfix kit. Thanks in advance!
  11. In way, the kit is done, just the landing lights and small details to finish. So before posting to the RFI the fully finished images, here's the kit wheels down. I painted the scalloped quarters in interior green to give it a little color. Now just need to do a good photography session for this!
  12. Thanks a million guys! Now back to finishing the kit. :-)
  13. As noted in my build, I'm almost done with my P-40F. Thing is, what exhaust was used for the aircraft? Fishtail, or the rounded one? Trumpeter provided both styles. Thanks in advance!
  14. After wards, the decal on the tail number, at the rudder also broke up. I deduced it may be due to not enough sealant. During the process of removing it, I lifted off some paint. But since I didn't attached the decal, I decided to place it aside, and decide later if I reprint another decal, or just mask it. Anyways, I now decided to place clear gloss, did a panel line wash, and started weathering the kit. Looking at different images, the undersides of the P-51D was very dirty, so I aimed for it as close as I can From what I understand, smoke stains from USAAF aircraft was mostly dark gray, so I went with it. Light at the end of the tunnel, finally!
  15. Ok, disaster struck and the letter decals broke up. so I made a set of masks and just painted them
  16. Finally updating my build! I got sidelined because my house underwent major renovations, and because I lost the decals for the tail number for the vertical fin during the moving around. So fast forward to 2 days ago. While fixing up some stuff in the bedroom, I found the lost decals. So I placed on the tail, touched up the Donald duck decal, and here it is: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Fsu9wFDn3r3EXzes7 So I hope to finish a gloss coat by next week, followed by weathering! Light at the end of the tunnel!
  17. Just a quick question: Are the decals for Cpl Pumphrey P-40 artworks for a short tail or longtail F? Thanks!
  18. Have ordered before from PWMP, received my resin parts and I have to say, they look good. He's easy to deal with, and you should have no worries.
  19. The alignment issue is actually the firewall. You have to shave and trim the top. It seems if you follow the instructions the firewall is placed in a wrong angle. I believe the reason for this was when the first issue wildcat was corrected, they corrected the fuselage, wings, canopy, but not all the interior.
  20. Same thing happened with the letters. From my standpoint, these are fixable. I'll use acrylic paint to touch up the artworks and serials Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr
  21. Another update: So I made my decals, but unfortunately they shattered on contact with water, even with the liquid decal film sealer. So I made another on, waited 48 hours for all the ink to dry. I then applied microscale liquid decal film solution, brushed on the decals at least 5 times, spaced in a 24 hour period. Then the moment of truth.... Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr I cut the Donald Duck artwork as close as possible. On placement, it looked good, but afterwards had some minor cracking and discoloration. Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr
  22. Thanks so much for the comments. Anyways, I'm down to the final stretch. Decals are on! The airframe markings are a mix of the revell ones and spares, deciding on those most likely still up on the airframe after invasion stripes was placed on the aircraft. Unfortunately, there are no accurate 1/32 decals for Emerson's mustang, especially the striking Donald duck artwork. So I looked at different sources, chose the most accurate, and made my own artwork. Decals are printed, I just need to paint the tailplane/rudder recognition stripes before I put on the decals Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr
  23. Thanks for the comments. Here's the link to the aftermarket set. I got mine via hannants, I think you can get them in most online stores http://master-model.pl/product/am-32-100.html
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