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  1. johnny'be'bad

    1/32 FLY Hurricane: spinning wild

    Very very very nice...love it!!!
  2. Let's hope a 1/24 Bristol F2b is next!!!
  3. johnny'be'bad

    1/24 aircraft future releases??

    A 1/24 Bristol F2b would be another very welcome addition!!!!
  4. johnny'be'bad

    Trumpeter 1/24 news!

    Can't wait for Trump 1/24 Ju 87D will look good next to Airfix's Stuka....will show up the airframe clean up junkers did with this aircraft!!!!!
  5. johnny'be'bad

    What's your bet on the next 1/24 th Airfix kit ?

    Fairey swordfish please airfix
  6. johnny'be'bad

    What's your bet on the next 1/24 th Airfix kit ?

    Its going to be a hurricane mk llc/d......
  7. johnny'be'bad

    Tamiya Mossie Sighted at Shizuoka

    Mmmm i have no soul.........it don't impress me much.......sorry
  8. johnny'be'bad

    Revell Hurricane Mk IIc conversion to IId

    What a beauty..........love the work you have done to the hurribox.
  9. johnny'be'bad

    HK B-17G "Little Miss Mischief"

    In awe sir......fantastic......and some said the kit was unbuildable.....oh how hollow their words ring now!!!!!!
  10. johnny'be'bad

    Revell P-51B

    Nah its the old tooled kit
  11. johnny'be'bad

    Hasegawa 1/32 P-40K Finished

    Sweet........always had a real soft spot for the P-40......well done
  12. johnny'be'bad

    F6F3 HELLCAT trumpeter

    Very very nice!!! Nice to see a cat instead of another corsair.
  13. johnny'be'bad

    Me-163B Komet,"White 9", (Meng kit).

    Sweet build very well done!!!!
  14. Yep a beaufighter and airfix can do it in 24 scale..........sorted