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  1. Apparently my post asking about build articles was posted although I do not see it. Thanks to all who responded and, in particular, the Blessed LSP Kevin ED
  2. Ilove the kit but the instructions are laconic if not Delphic. Are there any build guides or articles available? I see one in the WIP section but it says the photos are not available which diminishes it's utility for me. Are there any publications which show **** pit, wheel wells etc Appreciate any suggestions.
  3. Thanks a lot--will follow suggestions.
  4. Is there any paint available to match the orange-yellow on P6e wings? If must mix my own, any recommendations for proportions or brands? Thanks
  5. Is there any reference material on the P6e? Or build articles?
  6. Thanks for all the responses. The overwhelming endorsement of SW is truly impressive.
  7. Are there any US distributors for Silverwings? I want to order a P6 but I am dubious about ordering direct from Poland. Would price be the same here as from manufacturer and do you save any postage either way?
  8. I have a problem with struts breaking, often while still on the sprues. Would it be possible for ann AM maker to cast the struts in metal or other, stronger material. I would be happy to pay (kinda) for the added quality. This is not a criticism of WSW. The kits are terrific. i know others use the scale struts with no problem and that is a matter of skill. Still, i recall other posts with the same problem.and it makes me hesitate to try any more kits, much as I love them. Alternatively is there a way to make the existing struts stronger? Coating with super-glue?
  9. Directions for Trump Bearcat show "metallic green" on the tires, apparently as strips over the rubber color. Am I reading this wrong? Did Cats have reinforcement strips on tires? I don't see any in photos 'Also directions show rockets as plain white and bombs as plain OD. Were there no stripes or red noses or other instruction markings. Seems unlikely but I really want an excuse to liven up the paint job. Any decals for this or discussions of ordnance markings available? Thanks for any help
  10. Apologies for such a basic question, but is it best to put a final coat of flat on a World War 1 plane? Would semi-gloss be OK or better? Presumably this is the long sought question to which Future is not the answer. Or is it? Any brand of semi or flat to avoid?
  11. Curtis Goshawk Curtis Helldiver (ww2 version) Curtis Shrike Cessna 172
  12. My choices: 1. Curtis Helldiver divebomber (WW2 edition) 2. Curtiss Goshawk 3. Curtis Helldiver Prewar biplane edition ED
  13. Does any good soul know of a build article on the T bearcat. And are there any substitute wheels available for it? Hapless in PHoenix
  14. The WNW Albatross includes several flares to mount on fuselage side but no painting instructions. I can't find any good pictures but a few appear to be gray. Appreciate any sage comment.
  15. Does anyone know a source for .010 wire for rigging WW1 planes? I have seen it occasionally mentioned as an alternative and wire is just about the only material I have had much success with.
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